3 Accounting Practices To Stay On Top of As A Business Leader

3 Accounting Practices To Stay On Top of As A Business Leader

The foundation of a successful business is good accounting practices. It is difficult to make sound business decisions if you have poor accounting practices. Poor practices can also limit the growth of your business among many other negative impacts. The tips below will help your business avoid many of the common accounting pitfalls.

Loan Losses and Banks

A loan loss results from the non-payment of a loan. Lenders always anticipate that a certain percentage of loans for one reason or another will go into default. In many cases, this is not due to poor lending practices. Sometimes individuals or businesses experience circumstances that are out of their control that result in them not being able to repay the loan. Seeking Alpha explains that this has a negative impact on the lender because ultimately they will not make as much money off of the loan as originally expected and in many cases, they also will not break even. For this reason, banks create loan loss reserves to cover expected losses. The loan reserve is recorded as a negative asset on a bank’s accounting sheets. For example, if a bank has $50,000 in its loan reserves and writes off a defaulted loan for $10,000, this amount would be deducted from the reserve leaving a balance of $40,000. The amount that is written off is tax deductible in many cases. The amount a bank has in loan reserves is a good indicator of the stability of its lending base.

Individual Reviews

It is important for the lending institution to review each loan on an individual basis if they don’t share similar risk factors. This is critical to ensure that the individual or business has a low risk of going into default. Visible Equity explains that it is important to remember that loans are all based on evaluating risks and changes in risk characteristics and other circumstances such as your assets may require a reevaluation of your loan application. A lender will want to evaluate financial assets, your credit rating, income, and many other factors when making a loan decision. High-risk customers will typically receive loans with higher interest rates.

Backup Financial Records

Record Nations warns that it is critical for businesses to back up their information to protect against physical and cyber threats. It’s no secret that every year a large number of businesses experience cyberattacks that result in billions of dollars in losses and millions of customers information being compromised. This can be devastating to both businesses and individuals.

In closing, it is important for businesses to adjust to the above accounting practices to be successful. Banks always expect a certain percentage of loans will go into default, so an adequate loan reserve is critical. Individual reviews can help minimize the default risk.

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