3 Key Elements To Look For On A Resume To Ensure You’re Hiring The Right Person For Your Business

3 Key Elements To Look For On A Resume To Ensure You're Hiring The Right Person For Your Business

A resume is often your first glimpse of a potential employee. You can find out about this person’s education and experience as well as the unique skills he or she may bring to the job. With the number of people who are applying for a position, most employers spend only a few seconds with a resume before deciding whether to lay it aside or take it more seriously. There are several elements of this document that can help you make a smart decision. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Relevant Job Experience

A new employee is a serious investment for your business. The more time you need to spend training a new person, the bigger that investment becomes. It is up to you to decide what experiences are relevant. If you want to minimise the amount of training you need to do, you should look for someone who has done the same job with a different company. If you are looking for someone who might come to the job with a unique approach, you might focus on the applicant’s relevant skill set as opposed to their direct work experience.

A Professional Layout

The potential employee knows that the resume makes an important first impression. As an employer, the way applicants present information says something about them. According to Independence University, an attractive design and layout on a resume makes it easy to read, includes bolded keywords, and draws your eyes to important information. If you cannot find the things you are looking for, you are much more likely to put the resume aside and move on to the next one.

A poorly-designed resume shows a lack of preparation and may indicate an employee who will not take the job seriously. With all the resources available online, it is not hard to update a resume using modern formats. If the resume does not make the cut, it does not matter how qualified the candidate may be.

Accurate References

Incorrect information on a resume is a red flag for any potential employer. According to Workbright, the applicant should be choosing people that put him or her in the best light. If it is difficult to reach the people on the reference list, it may be that the applicant is hiding something and hoping that you will not check the references.

The people on the reference list should expect your call. If the applicant has not told their references that your business might be calling, it shows some potential communication issues. Once again, this application can move quickly to the reject pile.

Sifting through resumes is an adventure as you search for the new person who will be joining your crew. Somewhere in that pile, your perfect candidate is waiting. By taking your time and paying attention to the details, you can find a new employee who will thrive at your business and help your business succeed.

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