3 Meetings Your Business Should Be Having

3 Meetings Your Business Should Be Having

As soon as your company begins to grow, it is very easy for all the personalities, opinions and experience levels of your staff to pull business operations in various directions. If you are in charge, your duty is to keep everyone on track. Business order is a must, but you also want to incorporate the experience, feedback and suggestions of your staff and employees. While meetings can easily go sideways, you can make them productive and shouldn’t think they aren’t necessary. Here are three meetings your business should be having.

WAR Meetings

Weekly Action Review meetings, or WAR meetings, are important. They provide your team with an opportunity to report on the progress they are making within their projects. Since the sales team is the engine of your company, it is vital to hear from them. Then, each department that feeds the sales department can figure out how to continue improving sales. These are weekly meetings where theory faces reality. Find out if projects are operating within their budget, if deadlines are being met and how the results are measuring up to their expectations. Two possible goals of WAR Meetings are capitalizing on opportunities and preventing costly errors before they become unstoppable.

Kaizen Events

Kaizen events should not be considered ongoing efforts, which is why taking the scope of the event into careful consideration is incredibly important. A Kaizen event is made up of what is known as the quality circle. It is a team of workers at all levels who are tasked with always being on the lookout for ways to improve the processes directly related to them and their staff. Leadership must be engaged, the group assembled and success defined. Training is provided and a schedule is set. The scope is set so the focus is known before the event begins. It prevents wasted time and unnecessary loss of productivity.

Team Building Meetings

As you go about company business, it is important to remember that you are dealing with humans. Some want to be recognized for their efforts, some want to selflessly contribute and there are hidden gems within all levels of your workforce. Monthly team building meetings are a way to remind them their efforts are appreciated.

Successful companies have a focus and a functional and effective business team. It is too easy for teams and members to spin their wheels endlessly. Keeping everyone on the same page at regular intervals through productive meetings is worthwhile.



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