3 Positive Steps For Handling Unproductive Employees

Left unchecked, unproductive employees can be the bane of a business. Every position within a firm should be instrumental to the company’s excess. If there are employees who are regularly eating into company time, then they’ll also be devouring company profits too. These issues can’t be left unaddressed and must be rectified at the earliest opportunity. 

Still, some of the solutions here may be somewhat surprising. While many might assume that threats or firings are the only viable paths forward, there are some other workarounds to consider also. We explain what they are down below. 

Listen to the worker

First, it’s a good idea not to jump to any assumptions. Perhaps your worker has a valid reason for being unproductive? It might be that your employee is experiencing a troubled personal life in recent times. Additionally, they may have performed better under different work conditions. Companies like Google found that some of their employees were more productive working from home, finding that it suited their needs better. Whether it is a need for quiet or simply a change in scenery, the productivity of your workers can ebb and flow. 

Where possible, try to listen and accommodate any requested work changes from your employee. While it’s easy to be frustrated with subordinates who’re not performing as well as they should under set conditions, finding alternative work arrangements could be a better option than demoralising the workforce or public dressing downs. Try to compromise where you can, and if you can’t, don’t.   

Utilise data

If you accuse an employee of being unproductive, it’s quite likely they will deny your allegation. They may even be quite convincing when they reaffirm their commitment to their role. Of course, people will say anything so long as the pay keeps coming in. That’s why it’s crucial to have data at your disposal. If you can browse metrics pertaining to their performance and even reveal this data to them, the more slippery workers won’t hide behind any more empty promises. 

Businesses like StaffCircle can help you have full visibility over your team’s progress, helping them meet individual, departmental, and organisational targets. Their software is a direct answer to company inefficiency, as they report that companies lose between 20%-30% of their revenue every year due to inefficiency. Work with StaffCircle, and you will drive up employee engagement substantially, regardless of whether they are operating remotely or on the work premises. 

Offer incentives 

If you berate and embarrass an employee, you’ll only send staff happiness spiralling into new depths. No one wants to work for a boss whose temper is like a house of cards, and perfectly productive workers may vacate their positions to escape these dramatic incidents. 

Instead of promoting a toxic work culture instead nurture a thriving one. Offer incentives to your workers. These can be bonuses, extra holiday days, public congratulations, or even personal gifts to show your appreciation for their efforts. Showcase your pride, and your workers will long seek that positive reinforcement and uplifting energy. Promotions can be enticing also, but it may be worth remembering that there will only be so many positions available to productive workers. Keep most of the rewards measured and within reach, and everyone will have an opportunity to achieve. 

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