3 Reasons Why Community Building Is Important For Company Growth By Harper Gill

Harper Gill founded her business Vaal & Vaal – a private members club and events space – based on her own desire to have a creative and aspirational space to work, play and pamper around a community of likeminded individuals. With membership applications have grown by 57% in the last year alone, Harper shares her top 3 reasons as to why community building is important for personal and business growth. 

A sense of belonging 

The saying “it’s lonely at the top” is something relatable too! In your early days of business, you can find it hard to find people that you can relate too. A community provides a support network for businesses (and individuals) and a feeling that we all look for as humans: a sense of belonging. By feeling like you belong, you have the confidence to take risks and try new things – a recipe for growth. 

An opportunity to learn

Companies do market research to help come up with new ideas or solutions. The same approach should be taken with yourself – do research, put yourself out there! Keeping your circle small limits thinking. When you participate in a community, you can benefit from a wealth of specialised knowledge and experience. 

For example – going to fitness classes teaches you about health, museums teach you history, and business events give you valuable insight. Human nature means we learn from each other much easier than we learn from a book. By broadening your community, you broaden your mind and diversify your thinking. 

Brand awareness

People are natural talkers – we just love a chat! If you can tap into this, then it has the power to be a powerful marketing tool.  Advertising and social media allow you to send your message to thousands (if not millions) of people, but nothing is quite remembered like a personal recommendation. 

Forbes reckons 84% of people are more likely to trust a recommendation if it comes from a friend – meaning the community can be a very powerful tool. Imagine – if on average each customer recommends you to three people and one of those people act upon it and then recommends to three more people, then the return on investment is better than any PR or advertising campaign you can do!

Give people a reason to talk about and recommend your business – our impeccable customer service and level of quality in everything we deliver provides a memorable experience worth talking about. 

The community is powerful – use it to your advantage. 

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