3 Tips On How Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Small Victories To Improve Their Mindset By Kirsty Mac

Let’s face it; these last few weeks have been a mindset shift for us all. We are now in a world where ‘pivot’ and ‘furlough’ are fully embedded in our lexicon and we are all working out- what does it all mean?

Now would be the perfect time to stock the cupboards of our minds with positivity as we continue to fill the emotional bank account that allows us to have the energy required to deal with any situation, such as COVID-19. Kirsty Mac is a successful Glasgow based coach and speaker who shares 3 tips on how entrepreneurs can achieve small victories to improve their mindset which in turn will keep the positive energy flowing.

In with the new and out with the old

Maybe that ‘want’ has changed. The COVID-19 situation has shone a light on everything –  thus meaning what was weak before is now breaking under pressure, and what is strong now is holding even stronger. In some cases, the stronger elements are upgrading and there are elements that were previously hidden which are now emerging. There will be strengths and a sense of clarity that comes from noticing and acknowledging that which is working and that which isn’t – and then doing something about it. 

Create actions that lead to guaranteed results

Create actionable small steps that will lead you closer to what you want and help claim that victory. This helps the brain create new neural pathways and sets more results in motion. Remember, to train your brain to understand that ‘action’ will lead to results, and with more results comes more victories.

Write a ‘stop doing’ list

Write a ‘stop doing’ list! Stop scrolling through social media, stop the zoom calls all day, stop opening the fridge! These take up valuable real estate in our brain and we need brain space. As we are all attached to our laptops and computers we need to be kind to our neck top computers too. Clear out the clutter, upgrade the software and be thankful for all the great things it is doing for us. 


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