3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Create Their Ideal Working Week By Erica Wolfe-Murray

Having supported herself since she was 16, Erica Wolfe-Murray knows how tough working either as a freelancer or a small business owner can be. If you are in the midst of launching a business or in the post-launch phase, here are 3 top tips from the incredible serial entrepreneur Erica.

Discover the most productive time to work

Each person who launches a business is unique with different habits and background. Despite wanting to work 24/7, this is neither healthy nor conducive to a well-thought-through business. Harness this difference to plan the most productive time of day for you. Some people are larks getting a day’s work done before breakfast, others like to thrash through the night. Use this self-understanding shape the day for you and your team.

Set a schedule and stick to it

Launching a business is like spinning plates. At least one or two will always be threatening to crash demanding an immediate response. It is too easy to focus on these and ignore all the other aspects that need attention. By setting out a well-formulated weekly activity plan, entrepreneurs will ensure they allow time for important business admin, team support, investor info, as well as critical response. One cannot be allowed to dominate the others. And it’s also vital to include exercise, time out, downtime. Sick, exhausted entrepreneurs do not build healthy businesses.

Don’t set unrealistic targets

Sitting down at a desk with a lengthy ‘to do’ list that never gets any shorter creates an immediate sense of failure and despondency. Break the habit. Be realistic about what you and other team members can achieve in your working day or week. It is truly not the end of the world if something has to be delayed by a day or so if that is how long it takes. And if a project is for a client, be honest with them about time frames too. Set achievable but slightly stretching targets for the week broken down into daily steps. 


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