3 Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated If Still Working Remotely By Bianca West

3 Ways To Keep Your Team Motivated If Still Working Remotely By Bianca West

As organisations and businesses around the world continue to cope with the sudden challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a greater focus on remote working and how to adjust to this new reality whilst in and out of lockdown.

Managers and leaders will increasingly be looking at ways in which they can ensure that their workforce stays motivated in and out of lockdown, engaged and productive during this transition. Significant changes at work can have a huge impact on employee performance, morale and motivation, so here are 3 tips by EMEA director professional services Bianca West. 


Prioritise staff wellbeing

During times of anxiety and stress, it’s easy for people to stop looking after themselves and for their physical and mental health to become a problem. Leaders need to ensure that they’re promoting better mental health through open and honest dialogue, where employees are provided with the opportunity to share their worries and concerns. It can be as simple as arranging a daily 15-minute conversation to see how they’re coping and to provide support.


Keep morale high

Remote working provides employees with a lot of freedom, but it also reduces the usual office social interactions with colleagues. Long-standing office traditions such as going out for Friday lunches or after-work drinks won’t be possible while working from home. Even seemingly pointless meetings have been shown to have important psychological benefits. However, it’s crucial to retain some of these social and professional interactions with the support of technology. Arranging team activities online through Zoom or Microsoft teams can be a great alternative. Hosting a company-wide quiz or team activity is a cost-effective way to raise spirits and ensure that employees feel part of the culture.


Recognise hard work!

Every company can benefit from increasing how much and how often they recognise their workforce. Recent research by Achievers, revealed that a high proportion of European workers believe that their company could do more to make them feel engaged with their work, and at the top of the list in most countries was enhanced recognition. 27 per cent of British workers said that the biggest factor hindering their engagement at work was feeling under-appreciated for their contributions.

As an employer, you should frequently appreciate and recognise employees for their hard work, dedication and contributions. Your workforce will be vital to helping your business move forward and overcome these challenging times. So, take the time to recognise them for their commitment and patience.



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