3 Ways To Level Up Your Marketing Right Now By Daisy Wolfenden

Whether your industry has been hit negatively by the current crisis or you’re enjoying a boost in demand for your products or services; you’ll no doubt have had to adapt your marketing strategy in some way. Here are three actionable ways by MD at digital marketing agency Visibilis Daisy Wolfenden, to shift your marketing focus to minimise the negative impact on your business now, as well as get prepared for the “new normal.”

Keep on top of search trends around your product or service

Lots of businesses understandably pulled marketing budget right away – but for many industries, audience demand hasn’t gone – it’s just changed. Make sure you’re closely monitoring search engine query data to see where audience demand is shifting around your product or service, you might find an increase in searches for “next day delivery” or “can I still buy..” type queries, you can shift your PPC strategy to bid on these terms as well as writing relevant content on your site to target them. 

You might also find particular products of yours are selling better than others during this time, so keep a close eye on your website analytics to make sure you’re pushing the products most in demand. 

Don’t disappear – find your community on social media and talk to them

When times are worrying and the future is unsure, it can be easy to lay low and stay quiet, but with a huge jump in social media use, now is the time to find your audience and communicate with them here. This is where you could be building a community and increasing your brand awareness – for little to no budget.

Focus your posts on escapism and boosting morale, giving people something to look forward to – look for hashtags around this to increase the reach of your posts. Be useful to your audience, are there ‘how to’ style posts or advice you can share during this time? Now might not be the time to be pushing your products but be valuable and genuinely useful to your audience and you’ll be front of mind for when consumer confidence returns. 

You could even look to showcase different members of the team on your channels and create short, useful videos answering FAQs – there are plenty of free, easy video editing tools online to use.

Use this time wisely and get prepared

Don’t stop marketing altogether – even if demand for your industry is really low right now, there’s plenty you can do to strengthen your position against competitors in this time. For example, you could use this time to thoughtfully respond to any reviews left within the last 3 months and create a template and process for reviews moving forwards. 

Take a look in Google Analytics at your strongest performing content pages and work to refresh these and re-publish and re-promote when the demand for your product or service is back.  Start looking now at your past data and trends for Q3 and Q4 – what products are usually popular in these months? What searches are people using?

Start a strategy to gain search engine rankings for these queries now, so that when we do come out of this, you’re in a strong organic position. 

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