3 Ways You Can Double Your Productivity If You Are Still WFH By Kleopatra Kivrakidou

For many of us, working from home was generally regarded as a perk, with very few organisations practising it widely, purely because they were hesitant about how teams might manage with not all  members present in the office. However, since lockdown began, having the whole company work from home, is now ‘the new normal’. Whilst working remotely may have seemed novel at first, particularly for those of us not used to this way of working, it clearly still comes with its challenges.

A key one is finding ways to stay productive, particularly when there are so many more distractions at home. Pets, kids, and your partner don’t usually accompany you to work. Here are 3 ways you can increase your productivity if you are still having to work from home given to us by Channel Marketing Manager EMEA at Ergotron  Kleopatra Kivrakidou.

The right working environment 

Ensuring you allocate a place that’s strictly for work only means you’re more likely to be productive.  Setting up a desk in an unused space, or in a spare room if you have one, is ideal. Having a designated workstation with your laptop or monitor and other work accessories quickly puts you in the work mindset. 

Take five and remember to move

For many of us, the need to complete the task in hand and meet deadlines is important, so it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed and skip lunch. However, this will only lead to feeling burnt out. That’s why it’s crucial we remember to take regular breaks during the day – whether that’s five minutes to go for a walk in the garden, or even to tackle a household chore such as hanging the clothes out to dry. According to psychologists, taking regular breaks can help prevent decision fatigue and boosts overall productivity and energy levels. 

In addition to taking regular breaks, it’s also important to move regularly. We are not designed to stay sedentary for long periods of time, so even if your workstation is set up the right way, it’s important to try and move every 30 minutes if possible, even if it’s just to stand and stretch your back and arms. Using a standing desk is another way to introduce movement to your workstation – most are height-adjustable and can move up and down as you go from sit to stand, then back to sit again.?

Learn to prioritise

Many of us carry heavy workloads, in addition to our other domestic and personal responsibilities, so when working from home it’s possibly even more important to manage your time and prioritise your tasks. Planning your time and understanding how long each task may take is one way of taking back control. Perform the more difficult tasks when your concentration levels are at their highest, such as in the morning when you’re feeling fresh and your energy levels are at their highest.

In the current global reality, trying to be productive is already difficult without the added distractions of the home environment. However, it’s just as important to be strict with yourself so you can get your job done while still keeping a good balance between work and health and wellbeing. Hopefully, these three tips offer some practical measures that can help improve your productivity.

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