5 Examples Of What Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Increase Their Intuition By Nadja Chaieb

Being a successful entrepreneur is a tough challenge and not for everyone. Nadja Chaieb, HR Expert and Executive Coach and Founder at Made for More  gives us her insights on why successful entrepreneurs go with their gut feeling every time. Intuition plays an important role in successful entrepreneurs’ daily lives. Many of the decisions they make are the product of our intuition rather than logical reflection. 

Perhaps a logical explanation of intuition will help to put things into perspective. Your intuition is based on past experiences, perspective, and accumulated knowledge. A robust, intuitive ability does not replace the need for logic and analysis; it complements our ability to make smart decisions. We cannot access the information stored in our brain within a nanosecond; however, our intuition kicks in without thought or intention getting involved. It offers a wealth of information, even if we can’t remember where the information comes from.

Although we all have this innate ability to make decisions based on our intuition, not everyone knows how to connect with their inner voice. 

Are highly intuitive people more successful because they follow their instincts? Do they make better decisions? As an entrepreneur, one of the most important habits to cultivate is trust – not trust in others (however, that is important too), but trust in yourself. How many times have you missed an opportunity because you listened to the advice of others rather than trusting a gut feeling that you had? It happens to the best of us, but to truly be successful, you must learn how to trust yourself and follow your heart.

Here are 5 examples of what successful entrepreneurs do to increase their intuition:

Listen to their inner voice

Strongly intuitive people do not ignore their instincts. Instead, they listen to them and use them as a resource in their decision making. Many people are sceptical of this way of doing things, but people who hear their inner voice clearly know that they cannot ignore it. They are not trying to silence it, even though that inner voice might sound crazy to others.

Need to spend time alone

To be able to listen to this inner voice, highly intuitive people must have peace and time alone. Only then can they nurture their inner strength; only then can they hear themselves. It therefore becomes logical why highly intuitive people tend to have less mental fog. They have learned to sit in silence with themselves as company. They feel comfortable in themselves.

Notice everything around them

A common feature of highly intuitive people is that they are aware of their surroundings and have empathy for others. Just as they pay attention to their inner world, they can also see the outside world with open hearts and eyes. They have a special ability to understand what others are feeling. They also know what others want to say before they say it. This helps them understand each person on an individual level.

Are also highly creative

If we look closely at history, we can see that many great artists, politicians and researchers who change the way we do things have been highly intuitive people. Their creativity, inspired by their instincts, led them to do things differently. They asked other questions and came up with surprising answers.

Connect with their gut feeling

Scientists have discovered that our stomach is a second brain; this could be the reason for our gut feelings. This is due to many neurons covering the intestinal walls. But highly intuitive people already know that their stomachs contribute wisdom and intuition. Most of us have experienced it, but we may not have listened to it or preferred to ignore it.

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