5 Impactful Ways To Use Your Brand Photos By Anja Poehlmann

You know how important it is to have images that reflect your brand an business but once you got them done, what do you do with them? That’s one the the main questions Anja from Anja Poehlmann – photo and film gets asked a lot. Your new brand photos are a fantastic asset to make sure you’re being seen and heard so you can connect with your audience. But you’ve you got to use them right. Here are Anja’s top 5 ways to do that:

Your online and social media profiles

Use a professional headshot as your profile image on Instagram, Zoom, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social profiles you have. You want to use the same profile photo everywhere so people can easily recognise you on all of your platforms. Use a photo where your face is clearly visible, filling the frame and with little distraction.

Your Social Media feed

Use your personal brand photos all over your social media feed. Gove your audience a way to connect with you:

  • Introduce yourself to your audience and share more about who you are.
  • Use photos of you in your office/shop/worspace to show where you work.
  • Share behind-the-scenes of your business: making jewelry, writing content, speaking with clients etc

Your website

Your website should ideally be full of your personality. And for that we need to see you – in different places and doing different things.

Your hero image – the fitst image we see on your website should be connected to your services so your visitors instantly know what you’re doing.

Do you offer different services? Show images of what you do next to the explanation of it. Images can really help to make it super clear what your offers are.

Your ‘about me’ page. This is probably the most-visited page on your site – make sure it gives your visitors what they expect (more info and photos of you).

Your contact page. This is where people come to reach out to you and you want to remind them of what you look like. People buy from people and we want to know who we’re going to spend our money on!

On your blog. Your blog is a place where you share your value. Instead of relying on stock images you can talk about what you help your clients with and use your own brand photos to prove it.

PR and outreach

Press releases

To incerease your visibility, sometimes you gotta shout about yourself and your services. That’s where articles and press releases come into play.

Depending on your line of business, it can be helpful to create press releases about a certain offer or project you’re working on. Include a short bio and a professional headshot to this press release.

Podcast appearances

Podcasts are great to find a new audience as well as share your knowledge and make new connections. When you are pitching yourself as a guest, you’ll usually be asked for a photo or headshot of yourself to be introduced to the podcast audience. Having a high-quality portrait makes you look a lot more professional.

Thank you cards

Lastly, your branding photos will likely be a collection of different moments, details, portraits etc. Some of these images could be perfect for a thank you card that you send out after working with a client. These personal touches can have a massive impact and while you don’t have to use one of your photos for these cards, it would definitely make them unique.

Getting new headshots, portraits and personal branding photos doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get more clients but if used the right way, they help your visibility and how your brand is being perceived by your audience.

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