5 Reasons Why Great Entrepreneurs Have A Higher Sex Drive By Dr Sarah Welsh

As an entrepreneur, you are a confident leader in business, a trailblazer who can dream up new creations and are able to turn your fantasies into that of a prosperous reality. A healthy sex drive means a healthy life and a happy entrepreneur! Get your five a day, exercise, meditate, grow your business… and hit those sexual wellness targets, too. It is well known that life as an entrepreneur is fast-paced and you’re constantly juggling never really “switch off”, so why do entrepreneurs have a higher sex drive (and the best sex lives)?

Dr Sarah Welsh is a co-founder of HANX and a gynaecology doctor. She spent the early years of her career looking after women from their first period to their first child and continues to work as a gynaecology doctor from time to time. She graduated from Newcastle Medical School in 2012 and began focusing on a career in obstetrics and gynaecology, before completing her sexual and reproductive healthcare diploma in 2015. Dr Sarah Welsh, explains 5 reasons great entrepreneurs have a higher sex drive.

You’re able to focus on the moment, defining a clear break from the “always-on” nature of entrepreneurship

As an inherent multi-tasker, you’re able to leave your emails and meeting stresses at the bedroom (or any room for that matter) door and fully indulge yourself in sexual encounters, mentally and physically. Allowing yourself to just ‘be’ at the moment and fully enjoy intimate encounters with a partner, will bring the greatest rewards.

You’re skilled in communication and are not afraid to ask for what you want

No confusion, zero crossed wires: ensuring you’re understood is always a priority in whatever you do, and your sex life is no different. You’re not shy in telling your partner what you like, what you don’t, whilst considering their needs and mutual pleasure. You navigate frank discussions about what you do and don’t like sexually with your partners, are able to explore new techniques, and can freely talk about fantasies. You inherently believe that if you don’t know what, where, or why, how will a partner? This extends to the boardroom: you wouldn’t expect your team to read your mind, either.

You’re as ambitious in bed as you are in life

In order to survive the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship, you have to be ambitious and these aspirations don’t stop in the boardroom. Hitting targets, nailing campaigns and ensuring the satisfactory completion of projects is your forte.

You have a high libido

According to Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich” the one thing he found in common with entrepreneurs is that they all had a huge sex drive. Sound familiar? He also theorised that successful people often channel the energy of the libido to focus on achieving specific goals, entrepreneurial or otherwise.

You’re confident enough to use the right products to feel healthy and safe

Entrepreneurs are a strong leader and have no qualms in reaching for assistance to help them in their journey to success. Condoms, lube and toys are your friends! If you’re in a new relationship and not too sure about your partner’s sexual health status, then condoms are a must. If you’re in a heterosexual relationship and don’t want to fall pregnant, condoms or reliable contraception are also key. The only potential risks you are willing to take remain in the office, never the bedroom.

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