5 Reasons Why Your Employer Needs To Look After Your Mental Wellbeing By Krista Madden

Krista Madden, founder of In Your Element On Demand, recognised the importance of employees’ mental health when she set up her business last year. Employers should act now to protect the mental health of their staff and need to take the mental health of their employees seriously and more so now than ever before. As we enter 2021, the challenges we faced last year, during unprecedented times, continue and there is a feeling of constant uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, political protests… the list goes on. The work life we knew has changed dramatically and the social after-work drinks a distant memory, replaced by the isolation of working from home and multiple lockdowns.

It’s no secret that the past tough and uncertain year has taken its toll on our mental health. In case your employer needs some convincing, here are 5 reasons as to why they should invest in your mental wellbeing…

A happy you is a more productive you

It’s hard to believe we spend between 1/3 to 1/2 of our waking lives at work. That means in a lifetime the average person will spend at least 90,000 hours working so should we be happy whilst we do it? In business terms when we are happy and engaged at work, we are 21% more productive. 

You’re less likely to look for a new job

Recruitment is expensive and companies with happy and engaged employees have a 65% lower employee turnover. 

You’ll be healthier and have less sick days

Most of the worlds 3.4 billion workers are unwell and companies with happy and engaged employees report 37% lower absenteeism levels. 

If you’re unhappy it’s costing employers more money than they may realise

Businesses need to recognise the value of investing in employees’ mental health. Worldwide, the cost of unwell workers represents 10-15% of global economic output. Various research studies have estimated the cost of work-related stress around the world is $650 billion in Europe, $3.9 billion in Australia, $2-8 billion Canada and $300 billion in the United States. That is a LOT! 

You deserve it 

Only 9% of the global workforce has access to some form of wellness program at work and it’s time for that to change. Doesn’t your boss want to be a pioneer and help advocate the importance of positive mental health in the workplace?! 


Statistics are sourced from the Global Wellness Institute.

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