5 Secrets Nobody Talks About Which Will Allow You To Achieve Your Health And Wellness Goals By Serena Sabala

The key for busy professionals to transform their health and wellbeing is to start with very top-line improvements that anyone can start digesting and implementing right away: ultimately, making the shift to your most fit and healthy self is only 20-30% learning new things in theory and about 70-80% actually doing things differently.

The only way that you can get some new results is if you actually learn something that you can effectively and quickly apply to your lifestyle to start building some positive momentum. Here are 5 secrets nobody talks about which will allow you to achieve your health and wellness goals given by Serena Sabala.

There is no magic pill

Anyone out there who’s fit, healthy and vibrant eats well and exercises regularly (they may even practice some meditation here and there). Things like crash diets, magic supplements, miracle cures, magic training tools that supposedly work whilst you sleep (or eat!) are nothing more than a waste of time, money and energy. Busy ladies should instead direct their attention to what DOES work. They don’t have to go all out to get results.

If they haven’t worked out in years, simply going for a hike twice a week will make a difference. If they eat take out every night, simply preparing a healthy meal once a week will make a difference. They should start slow but stop wasting time looking for a magic cure that doesn’t exist.

While the idea of a magic pill sounds great, it’s mostly just a mental challenge that you’re dealing with when it comes to staying healthy. You have to challenge yourself to get up and get active, you have to make yourself have self-control when it comes to food.  You have to force yourself to get out of bed, even when you don’t want to. It’s all hard, it can be very hard, but like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it gets. The hard part is just getting yourself out there to do it in the first place. 

Sure, you can try a fasting diet, the smoothies on the market, or try the top-of-the-line exercise program, but it all means nothing if you’re not going to mentally train yourself to get on board. 

Beware of the principle of the false economy

If anyone was to lose their health, how much would they pay to regain it? Probably all the money they have if not more because our body is the most valuable possession anyone will ever own in this life. Very often, however, high achievers place more value on other things and choose to save money on things or activities that are fundamental for their health and wellbeing. If they ate the best quality foods they can afford at all time and get the best quality training they can afford at all time, the return on investment will blow their mind.  

Nobody can outrun a bad diet: poor eating habits can’t be undone. Nobody can out-exercise junk food. Of course, busy professionals should make time and space for treating themselves but it should be in a balanced way that doesn’t undermine their efforts to be healthy. The point of working out is NOT so that they can eat anything even what they know is not good for them: this is true even if they don’t easily gain weight. True wellness starts from the inside out. Once they learn to eat nutrient-dense, healthy foods most of the time, they will be able to get away with the occasional treat. Still, though, the balance should be at all times in favour of healthier choices.

The best-kept secret of the food industry

Fresh fruits and veggies are the best foods anyone can eat. Anyone who loads up on those will be way ahead of the pack. Busy ladies should start each email with some fresh fruit or a raw salad which will do wonders for them: it will load them up on all the essential nutrients the body needs to thrive (hello, beautiful skin and hair!), it will make them feel fuller more quickly, it will increase their intake of fibre which will improve their digestion and elimination, in turn, making them look and feel lighter. Just this tip will make a huge difference in their life and waistline.  

You can’t get to the top on your own

This is the secret of all the fittest and healthiest women in the world. They all outsource their motivation. This is a simple principle that works in any area of life, yet we keep underestimating it when it comes to fitness and wellness. If Serena Williams needs several coaches to bring out the best in her, so does anyone else. Busy ladies should create a support system around them to motivate them when they need it most and, if they can, even hire a trainer or coach. This is the most fail-proof way to achieve the best results available to them. 

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