5 Simple Ways How Firms Can Support Their Women in Networking By Ellen Royce

Women may get more university degrees than men, but they still remain diminished in top-management level jobs. Men are usually two to three times more possibly than women to maintain upper management roles, according to the American Institute of CPAs. One of the leading factors could be that talented women have more rarely interchanged with senior leaders, and for this reason, are less viable to get advice from senior leaders and managers on how to grow. It is essential to support women in networking, even if they ask just to play for a book of ra gratis when they have a lunch break. Women CPAs bring as much profit as men do.

So, how can firms support their women in networking? How should your company face this challenge?

Incorporate networking within the workday

Women and men are different about setting priorities. Talented women are mostly more interested in supporting a healthy proportion between personal life and work. Most women want to go home to their families after the working routine, so the company dinners would be considered as a fee instead of making new social relations.

Well, the decision is to try and include networking within the usual workday. Some companies can create a lunch area huge enough for all employees to assemble together and have lunch. This simple fact will help women. They will socialize and make new friendships that will inspire possible networking between them.

Make environment

It is essential to make the proper environment for company networking. Arranging a space rich in bean bags where all people can rest and shoot the breeze would be a wonderful idea. Besides, company owners can motivate their team women members to communicate more by arranging shorter personal meetings. For instance, every Monday all the talented women from a company gather in a mini-event called “Monday Share.” In a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, they are offered to share their work problems and get company advice. Communication is a key for women’s success

Use modern technologies

Many companies have a tendency to ban the use of Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, or other social platforms. Team managers may consider that the employees, especially women, would ignore their duties if they can have these modern platforms to communicate. Some people can neglect their duties, but it speaks for the person, not for the gender.

Modern social networks offer great working possibilities, and coaching women to use them can bring much profit to your company. WhatsApp and Facebook offer great options that let you make online video meetings and phone calls from any place in the world. If you have a global company, it is practical to nurture women from all company departments to gather together and share thoughts online. But even if your office is a local one and small, modern technology applications can facilitate communication problems between employees.

For instance, some women employees from assignment writing services have made a stunning online community where they share opinions and support each other. Besides, it is a great platform to discuss everyday hardships and work problems and ask for possible advice from the rest of the ladies.

Motivate women

When thinking about gender peculiarities in working style, they may look rather obvious. Men are more desirable to take a self-determined and administer working style. Quite the opposite, most women underline that they are part of a whole company and prefer a more cooperative working style. Besides, very often men tend to overrate their powers, while women tend to be more submissive and to apologize more. For sure, this rule does not work with absolutely all types of people, it can be vice versa with men and women. Don’t make stereotypes be the barriers to women’s networking.

A team manager is one to make a working environment where all people are appreciated for their steps and their position in the assignment. Women should be motivated to take the right of their actions. Yet, women have to get rewards and be motivated to persist in the great yield they are performing. To motivate networking between all company members, all employees should feel free to share their opinions and thoughts about the company. They have to know that their feedback is welcomed. Women have to feel that their ideas are estimated at the same level as men’s ideas.


No matter if your company is big or small, you can help women in networking. Want to know how? By making an ideal working environment for them to form relationships and share ideas. For ladies, keeping a healthy life ratio between work and personal life is very essential, just as it is for men. That is why we advise making activities that will provide them the chance to productive network.


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