5 Surefire Ways To Boost Staff Wellbeing This Spring By Charlotte Melia

Remote working has been catapulted in to mainstream working practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The speed with which remote working has become the norm however, has not allowed time for adequate infrastructure to support home workers to be rolled out. As a result, mental health problems, burn-out and overworking have all increased. 

Now, more than ever before, must leaders invest in their staffs’ mental and physical health, encouraging wellness in all aspects of their lives. Dazzle & Fizz/  founder & CEO Charlotte Melia, explains 5 ways in which you can promote a well-balanced working lifestyle for your staffs wellbeing this Spring.


It sounds so simple, but maintaining open and consistent communication channels with workers is crucial in encouraging wellbeing. Find out what your teams’ unique home scenarios are, when is good for them to work and when is more challenging. A working parent may need to work around home-schooling for example, whereas someone living alone may have other important needs. 

Get social 

If the thought of yet another Zoom quiz fills you with dread, fear not, there are many other ways in which you can engage your team online. Consistency here is key, so commit to the same day and time each week that is convenient for everyone and keep the social to a max  of 40 x minutes to avoid Zoom-fatigue. You could also host your socials on audio instead of video, in an app like Clubhouse for example. This would allow your team to enjoy the outdoors, go for a walk and get away from their desks and yet still enjoy valuable team-time. 

Be creative 

Getting create with your team meet ups can help to support both mental and physical health. Enjoying a shared leisure activity can boost morale, encourage endorphins and provide a mental break away from work stresses. Online classes in yoga, meditation, fitness, cooking, art, crafts, dance, or singing would all be a great place to start. Then once you’re confident in your online programme, try something more adventurous like hula-hooping lessons, juggling or even beat-boxing! The options are endless. 

Consider the individual 

When it comes to wellbeing, one size really does not fit all! What a parent or carer might need to support their mental health and wellbeing may be very different from a young worker living in shared accommodation for example. Talk to your staff and find out what they need and try and adapt your wellness plans to suit. 

Establish boundaries 

One of the biggest problems with home-working is the lack of boundaries between work and home life. This can result in the employee being permanently ‘on’ and unable to switch off from the stresses of work. Leaders can help with this by implementing clear boundaries and lead by example. ‘No email zones’ such as at weekends, or after a certain time at night can help, be conscious of parent and carer workers in particular when applying these rules. Hosting team drinks on a Friday afternoon is another good way to signify that the working week is done and can help staff transition to the weekend. 

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