5 Top Tips For Showcasing Your Brand With Photography By Hello Loveli

As a photographer Banita, from Hello Loveli has one main passion; using her skills to empower female led businesses through photography. Having worked with big names including McArthur Glen, she is giving you an exclusive insight into her 5 top tips for showcasing your brand through images. 

Book a professional photographer. Booking a professional photographer for a brand shoot is an investment but Hello Loveli ensures that you won’t regret it. The images that can be captured by an expert in the field will showcase your brand in the best way possible and can help to enhance your social media presence from the start. To make the process easier, choose a professional whose work reflects the way in which you want your brand to be portrayed. Hello Loveli is known for her neutral colour aesthetic which is matched by many of the brands that she has worked with.

Book a pre-shoot consultation. She also recommends having a pre-shoot consultation with your photographer. This is something that Hello Loveli offers each client and the benefits are endless. Consultations can help to take away those initial nerves, as well as giving the photographer a chance to understand your brand story and develop ideas of how to portray your business through the professional images. During a consultation, Banita recommends creating a plan or mood-board of images to help the shoot day flow seamlessly.

Choose a friend who can model. Once you have a brand shoot booked, you may need a model to help showcase your business, and Hello Loveli insists that this model is also a close friend! A friend will know you better than the photographer and can help you with all the little details such as always getting your best side. She believes that by having a familiar face with you on the day, the nerves fade away and the giggles begin, which makes for great candid smile photos for your headshots! 

Take head shots, even if you’re adamant you don’t want them! Talking of headshots, make sure you get them! Hello Loveli likes to capture a mixture of images on your shoot day, but recommends photos including your face! You may be determined to never have your face seen, or may not be used to being in front of the camera but showing your face on your socials and website can be the difference between a client booking your services and going elsewhere. A friendly face to greet your client will always help to make your brand more personable and relatable, plus, you built your business so celebrate yourself! 

Use branded props. Alongside headshots, it is just as important to capture those small moments that truly reflect your business and can be used repeatedly across your social platforms. Banita loves when a client brings branded accessories to a shoot and gives her these props at the start. Whether it’s a notebook, phone case, business card or book, having these carefully placed in the images allows your audience to see that these are not just stock images. Items can be placed in the foreground or background and help to elevate your brand photography!  

By utilising Banita’s top tips, you can start to take your business to the next level and attract those dream clients! You can get in touch with Hello Loveli photography at www.helloloveli.co.uk 

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