5 Ways Cloud-based Platforms Are Continuing To Transform Companies By Vinda Souza

5 Ways Cloud-based Platforms Are Continuing To Transform Companies By Vinda Souza

It is almost impossible to imagine what it would be like to work from the safety of our own homes at this point without the cloud. The past decade was defined by increasing adoption of cloud-based platforms for greater agility and reduced downtime. Now that the sudden emergence of the coronavirus has required us to work from home wherever possible, the cloud affords continuity for the workforce and ensures we can stay productive. 

In recruiting, cloud-based platforms have become common for tasks like tracking candidates and managing client relationships. This crisis has heightened the importance of deepening these relationships and increasing productivity. Here are five benefits of using a cloud-based platform to keep your business running in times of crisis.

Vinda Souza leads Bullhorn’s global public relations, analyst relations, content marketing, social media, strategic thought leadership, events content, and internal communications strategy. Vinda gives us an insight into how exactly cloud-based platforms are continuing to transform companies with these 5 perfect ways.

Business continuity 

Many businesses, particularly smaller ones, are currently in survival mode. They are redirecting their efforts to remaining afloat, and that means ensuring continuity and high productivity. Even seemingly minor issues, such as a few hours of downtime or the inability to access a local server, can be devastating to a business that is already on the ropes. Relying on cloud-based services means predictable and consistent performance – and zero downtime – guaranteeing that any employee with an internet connection can work effectively while maintaining social distance. 

Improved collaboration

Unlike offline or asynchronous software, cloud-based software makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues in real-time. Given the limitations of lockdown, remotely and securely viewing and sharing information has become a fundamental requirement. This has long been true in recruitment, where fast, frictionless communication is critical. We use cloud-based platforms to handoff candidates to colleagues with relevant experience, close jobs that are finished, and track openings so that every member of the team can instantly access the most up to date information. 

Greater security 


Cloud platforms often provide greater security than local alternatives, and cloud hosts compete to outdo one another on airtight security measures. Look for software with encryption, regular monitoring of connections, scans for malware, and precautions against data theft and hacking. Unfortunately, during tough economic times, fraud and theft are rife, but with cloud providers, you can be confident that your data is safe. 

Limitless scalability 

For businesses to adapt to these unprecedented times, they must be agile and flexible. Cloud platforms can contribute in this respect by making it simple to scale up and down at short notice. Cloud-based platforms ensure that your company can continue operating under any load, which can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency of your organisation and puts even small companies on a level playing field with giant corporations. 

Powerful integrations


In a competitive environment, every decision that a business makes needs to be backed by data and analysis, and this particularly true now. Many cloud platforms integrate with a variety of inputs for advanced data processing yielding valuable insights. That information drives business development and ensures that decision-makers can see the whole picture before making up their minds. 


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