5 Ways Exercise Will Give Boost You Need In Your Career Right Now By Andrea Maciel

Success and wellbeing can often go in opposite directions. How can we succeed and continue to be the best version of ourselves? On the pathways to achieving our career goals, we are often deeply affected by the stress and anxiety attached to the tasks of fulfilling outcomes. This pressure can blur ourselves from our inner guidance and make us feel lost. 

Listening to our inner voice and being in tune with our body provides a clarity of purpose and the energy to bring about our best. The task of bridging our talents with our goals asks for a permanent deep listening or attunement with our inner voice, grounded in our body. This might sound difficult to achieve but is actually easier than we think and the source for this connection is available to everyone because it comes from our own body. 

There are particular, specific exercises that allow this which Artistic Director of Intercultural Roots Andrea Maciel explains here.


We are all affected by gravity yet we don’t know how to deal with it in our favour. It is obvious that the ground is under us, but it is not so obvious that the ground is under us in a supportive way. Just by bringing attention to our feet without looking at them and releasing our body weight to the ground,  will help us connect to this support. 

Feel the points of contact between your feet and the ground and allow your ankles, knees, hips, torso and head to receive this support. You will feel your whole body relax in a cascading effect. It’s a simple exercise that has an immediate effect on throat relaxation and your vocal cords affecting positively the tone of your voice. You will sound much more grounded and centered. Excellent practice before any presentation!

Postural attitude

Your posture expresses who you are, but how often do you bring awareness to your posture?  Whether you are sitting or standing, just bring all your attention to your body alignment. Be aware of the sensations that your body is feeling at any moment – you might notice that people around will sense your confidence while all you are really doing is being comfortable in your body.

You only need to do this for one minute or two and then return your attention to whatever task you are doing. You will notice that those instants of awareness will ooze confidence and calm out of you.

Feel the rhythm

Everything in life is permeated by different rhythms and dynamics. Instead of fighting against the unpredictable temporal variations, you will find that you gain a lot by learning how to surf the different tempos. Just listen to some music you really like, feel the beat and allow yourself to be carried away by different nuances and instruments. 

You can follow the rhythm with your hand, your feet, all body parts, or you can just stick with the mental note of that beat in your body. It doesn’t matter how much you move, just by pausing everything else and giving some minutes to listen attentively to a song will change your vibration, increase your circulation and bring a sense of flow that is extended to the way you deal with unpredictable life demands. This exercise is good for our memory, focus, concentration and wellbeing. 

Express yourself 

If you’re feeling that something is bothering you, instead of bottling up your emotions, or engaging in an inner dialogue with your own mind, just step out and express this feeling in a creative way. You can write down a poem, make a joke, or just put on some music and express the feeling while you move.   

What you bring out by taking the cap of the bottle can free you and help turn an apparent negative into a positive. 

A vocal exercise

Breath in and then on one long out-breath say or sing the sounds: ‘Shh-Ahh-Hoe-Sss-Woo’. Each of these 5 healing sounds vibrates an internal organ in our body and amplify its positive virtue.

  • ‘Shh’ – liver & kindness, ‘Ahh’ – heart & joy, ‘Hoe’ – spleen & balance, ‘Sss’ – lungs & fairness, 
  • ‘Woo’ – kidneys & humility.

Research suggests that these positive human values relate to the characteristics of socially responsible entrepreneurs and business leaders.

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