5 Ways Leaders Can Find Healthier Ways To Enjoy Life By Dr Kate Bartram Brown

We often hear from leaders that they don’t have time to eat healthy food, stay fit or get that well-deserved RR. Yet studies have shown that when these aspects are taken care the more successful one is, not only business but also leading a happier life as well as living longer!

Making healthier choices in your daily life gives you more time to enjoy it but how do you actually achieve whole wellness when you have a gazillion emails to answer, phone ringing and your to do list gets longer each day. Head of Modern Mystery School Dr Kate Bartram Brown explains 5 ways you can find healthier ways to enjoy your life.


Use your breath to stay relaxed. Take a deep breath in through the nose and breathe out through the mouth, it’s that simple. This stabilises the mind, keeps it calm and it’s from here your make your decisions. This brings clarity, which cuts down the amount of time it took to make the decision and the time you ended up dealing with the ‘not-so-great decisions’ you made from fight and fight mode. Don’t be reactive, rather navigate the decisions from that place of complete calm. Be the ninja of decision making!


Move your body, whether it is walking, dancing, doing weights, stretching at your desk, whatever it is do it every day. When your body is strong you can handle the pressures of life. In business you carry the weight of your decision, the lives of the people you employ. Your physical structure is important. The stronger you are the more you can carry, physically, emotionally and mentally. This means less time spent off sick, less time stressed, meaning you have time to enjoy the finer things in life.


Your brain can’t function at its optimum level if you are not hydrated. Drinking plenty of water allows you to function effectively, feel well and gives you a head start on hitting your targets which creates more time in your day. Water is an immune booster, mood lifter and an essential nutrient. Water represents flow and abundance in the world of metaphysics, if you are lacking a flow of abundance of health wealth or happiness then up your water.  We are what we consume after all. Just as Bruce lee said.. ‘be water my friend’.

Raise your Vibration – have fun

Joy raises our vibration; I’m sure you have likely heard of the law of attraction? Like attracts like, if we are functioning at a higher vibration guess what? Yes, we attract higher vibration deals, people and objects to us … who doesn’t want this in business! The higher vibration we become the less likely we are to get sucked into the dramas of life which takes up value time and energy. Have fun, play music, laugh every day and eat lovely food. Whatever brings you joy, make time for it and it will make time for you!

Nurture your soul

You have looked after your body, your mind but what about your soul, the very thing that fuels your life, most entrepreneurs fall down at this stage.

Meditation is one way we can feed the soul, there are others such as finding a spiritual practice, martial arts, flower arranging, classical music, doing something sacred each day, receiving energy healing the list goes on. Not nurturing your soul is like not feeding your body, it will stop working eventually. But more so the passion will start to drain out of everything you do, life becomes a treadmill, an uphill struggle, you just eat, sleep and work. Feeding the soul keeps you living life alive! It feeds our purpose and drives us to want to experience the wonders of life.

Taking a whole approach to wellness isn’t just what we eat and how we exercise its about looking after your body, mind and soul. When we do this, you can achieve success in all areas of life with plenty of time to enjoy it!

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