5 Ways To Boost Team Morale All Year Round By Emma Nesham

Keeping spirits up has always been high on the priority list, and especially so with the events of 2020. But with teams working remotely and everyone reacting to lockdown differently, how on earth do you keep your team’s spirits up so they want to do their best and not dread logging on every day? It’s important to think outside the box to come up with ways that are going to leave employees smiling after what has been a challenging week in the office, or another lonely week of working from home. Here are 5 ways to boost team morale all year round by Emma Nesham at Purple Creative Studio.

Always celebrate successes – no matter how small

Sometimes it’s easy to just let your team soldier on without really understanding the daily hurdles they have to get over to get the job done. As a team leader or business owner, the team will be so grateful if the time is taken to understand their struggles and celebrate with them when progress is made. Maybe they’ve had to deal with a difficult situation which in the long run is small, but to them, it was weighing on their shoulders – a simple phone call to say well done or a mention in a team meeting will keep your team feeling appreciated. Those larger wins may warrant a little more than verbal recognition. Even a small, thoughtful, gift to say thanks will have them feeling like they already want to crack on with solving the next problem. Flowers or chocolate is the go-to, but even just a card with a nod to their favourite hobby will have them feeling appreciated.

Give your team the autonomy to reward their colleagues 

Leading on from point 1, business owners won’t always be aware of the small wins going on in your business. Going into 2021 think about working on giving team leaders the autonomy to give appropriate rewards for these successes. Not only will this help keep morale high within their teams, but the team leaders will also get a buzz from being given the opportunity to put a smile on their faces!

Mark life events

A team is what makes a business and while they’re churning out results to be proud of in their work, are their personal lives being considered? Life events such as moving house, getting married, having a baby or even just general changes of circumstances are worth recognising. While it can be difficult to keep up with everyone – especially when working remotely – marking these events with the time they deserve can help the team turn up to work with a smile on their faces rather than feeling like just a number expected to hit targets.

Involve your team in decisions

Now everyone loves a team night out – or just a chance to escape the office for a while! But why not include the team in organising these events? Choosing something they want to do rather than something they have to do goes a long way to boosting morale. This can stretch wider too especially in small businesses. The team could be involved with as many decisions as is appropriate from how branding is amended to where to eat on a night out. It will help them come together and feel like they’re really a part of growing the business!

Do something different!

Everyone has been forced into doing this year as 2020 has never failed to throw curveballs! Team nights out feel like a thing of the past and Zoom has become far too familiar (as well as the phrase ‘You’re on mute!’). But it’s also given everyone the chance to try some new things. For instance, many businesses have opted for a virtual Christmas party.

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