5 Ways To Follow Your Gut Instruct As An Entrepreneur By Gavriella Abekassis

Entrepreneurs, who are often looking for inspiration in successful entrepreneurs, will notice that success is due to their skills in being in the right place at the right time, and taking the right and unexpected action. When realising this, it can be empowering if you trust that you too can be in the right place at the right time. Or, it can be a bit stressful if you tell yourself that you will never be as lucky as the other entrepreneurs. 

You know what we say. You can create your own luck. Thinking that only a few entrepreneurs get lucky is like getting jealous of people who win the lottery. All these winners have been buying their lottery tickets for years! In the same way, all the successful entrepreneurs have had to be consistent in their business first, and then they have been able to create their own luck, their own opportunities. 

When you are consistent, you won’t miss the crucial moment of following your gut. Following your gut as an entrepreneur might require you to deconstruct the myth that to follow your gut, you need to be a genius. Gavriella Abekassis explains.

If you weren’t following your gut, you would not be an entrepreneur in the first place.

Let’s remember where it all started. Did anyone force you to become self employed and an entrepreneur? Or did you decide to do it on your own? Of course you did. As entrepreneurs, creativity, and following our gut is the reason why we trusted ourselves to do our job in the first place. Entrepreneurs have the skills to follow their gut inside of them.

Take time to make sure that following your gut really is a great idea.

Although it’s a magical thing to have a new idea and to follow your gut, make sure that you are fully convinced that it is a right decision, and not only an idea which is rather due to a glass of wine and an optimistic conversation with a friend. 

Well, talking about wine, just like good wine which you should not drink too soon, take the time to think about your idea before you follow your gut and take action. You will make sure that you really believe in this idea, and that you understand why you want it to happen.

Don’t only follow your gut, follow other entrepreneurs’ gut too!

What’s fun about being an entrepreneur, is that you’re not the only one. In addition to your ideas, you can always follow other entrepreneurs’ gut. Actually, it’s really important. Some innovative ideas have been working for their business. There is a big chance that the way they followed their gut, might be working for your business too. Get inspired! There’s so much knowledge shared out there. And ask. Entrepreneurs are always flattered to share their innovative ideas.

Don’t always go with your gut feeling: ask your audience and clients, and people you trust.

It’s wonderful to go with your gut feeling, but remember that your offer is not just about you. Your offer is for your clients. Therefore, always make sure that you are not only listening to what is in your head. Ask your clients, and your audience, about what they need. Make sure that you understand what is the way their own gut feeling works, so you can deliver your services or knowledge in a way that speaks to them.

Identify why your gut feeling suits your business’ values, and do more of this.

Once you have made sure that your idea is relevant, interesting, and that it does correspond to your audience’s needs, then write down what are the values in this idea which correspond to your company’s identity. Are these values attractive to your clients? Then use these values as a basis for future ideas when you can feel that your gut are trying to raise their hand again. Make sure your ideas all make sense together, like a novel made of different chapters related to one idea, one value. Are your gut feelings true to your values?


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