5 Ways To Get Motivated Right Now During Summer By Malak Ben-Hmeda

It is easier said than done; writing a to-do-list, goal-setting, bullet-journaling.  People are often brimming with energy and enthusiasm when setting out their intentions but when push comes to shove, mustering the motivation to get things done is certainly more challenging.  It is easy to make New Year’s resolutions but the reality is that less than 10% of people actually stick to them. Plans are made, life happens and people often find themselves disconnected with the inner flame that fuels them to set things in motion. 

Motivation is personal; not everyone is driven by the same desire to accomplish things nor does everyone feel the same levels of energy to get things done. There are, however, several strategies that people can adopt to find and keep that fire in their bellies. Malak Ben-Hmeda, founder of OH MY GUM!, a plant-based and plastic-free chewing gum brand and Visiting Lecturer at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design, shares her top 5 tips on how people can find the motivation to get things done. 

Break it down 

Tasks can typically feel overwhelming in people’s minds so breaking them down into specific and attainable steps will make it less intimidating to tackle and will move you to get things started. The very act of initiating something, no matter how seemingly small – is motivating in and of itself. Small steps will rev up your engine and chances are you will even accomplish more than what you set out to do.

Identify your inhibitor 

Stop and think about what is holding you back from getting things done. Whether it is a matter of confidence, fear or apathy, addressing the issue will help you move past it and get you out of the motivation slump.

Find your why 

You can easily find yourself losing sight of your raison d’etre –  why you are doing what you are doing. Take a minute out of each day to anchor yourself in your ‘why’ and frame your task within this long-term objective to make it more appealing and motivating.

Keep Good Company 

You don’t have be your only cheerleader. Motivation is contagious so identify and turn to the people that fan your flame and invigorate your spirit. Catch up over a call or text, discuss ideas, share stories and propel each other to move forward and get things done.

Be kind to yourself 

Compassionate self-talk has actually been found to be more motivating. Instead of beating yourself up, get into the habit of speaking to yourself as if you are talking to a friend. Choose kindness over harshness and the motivation to get things done will surface more seamlessly. It is not possible to be furiously motivated day in, day out. Take comfort in knowing that a motivation dip is completely normal and trust that you are on the right track in spite of any occasional motivation lull.

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