5 Ways To Reduce Stress When Starting Your Business By Beverley Jones

Starting a business is a huge life choice, sometimes one we find ourselves in because circumstances have indeed led us down the path of entrepreneurship either because our choices of working for others have either become limited or indeed it is something we no longer choose to do.

When first stepping onto the ladder of entrepreneurship we can find that the ground beneath us can feel a bit rickety as our ladder of hope wobbles beneath us. Beverley Jones shares with us five ways in which we can indeed reduce the stress in those early days.

Know your ‘Why’

Pre starting any business this is the most important question you need to ask yourself, ‘what is my why?’ So many people start a business without asking themselves why they want to do it. It is, of course, important to make money but this should never be your why; your why should address who you serve, how you or your product can help them and what will their results be. Get this sorted first, get passionate about your why and getting sales will be easier. 

Get support

Whilst our family and friends can be ultra-supportive of our idea, our plans our visions it is imperative you get support from a mentor or someone who has indeed walked in your shoes. They will understand what you are going through and as a result, be able to hold your hand whilst guiding you along the path of being a business owner.

Read books / Listen to Podcasts

There are so many books to read and podcasts to listen to you will be spoilt for choice however look or ask for recommendations as every business owner who has gone before you was once a start-up and I can assure you they have bookshelves (or kindles) full of reading materials and podcasts stored away for ref. Remember knowledge is king!


Build your network, do this when and where you can.  In today’s world, it is a little difficult to do off-line but there are plenty of opportunities online. Seek out formal networking and look to develop relationships with those you meet, people buy from people. It is all about ‘know, like and trust’ so the first step in any working relationships has to be about getting to know each other. 

Build your audience 

If people do not know who you are, they cannot buy from you! In today’s world as well as building a network around you it is important you also need to build and nurture your online presence. To do this your first stop has to be a webpage or website, this is your window to the world. If your skill does not lie in building a website then get help, it must look professional and make sure it reflects who you are as the person behind the business. Along with this ensure you set up and interact across social media. There are many platforms, choose the one that sits comfortably with you and the one that showcases your business the best. Writing blogs, articles on your own website, social media platforms and for others is another great way of building that audience so get out and be seen!

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