5 Ways To Successfully Dominate Being A Career Mom By Hannah Doggett

Juggling life as a mom and a career woman can leave us feeling burnt out, stressed and fed up. We see other CareerMom’s who seem to be doing well and wonder why we aren’t having the same results? How do they manage to make it look perfect when we are here wondering when we last washed our hair or even washed at all?! There are a few really easy steps you can take to creating a better work-life balance which allows you to become a better version of yourself.

Hannah Doggett is a dressage rider and trainer running a competition yard in the UK. She works 7 days a week and is a first-time mom to Bertie who is 14 months old. After struggling for months to juggle being a mom and business boss, she decided enough was enough and there had to be a way to have a successful business, fulfilling family life and be happy and content. Here are her 5 top tips:


Do you have staff? If not, do you need staff? Or can you outsource some jobs? Being able to delegate menial tasks to someone else frees up your time for the tasks that require your skill and experience, allowing you to perform better as a businesswoman and as a Mom. Identify what tasks could be given to someone else, like a virtual assistant, and what is essential that you do.

Know your self-worth

Don’t be a busy fool, find your niche even if it is scary to turn away some work. Having a laser focus in your job will elevate your potential and give you more time and energy for the things that matter the most.

Accept help

Don’t turn down help when it’s offered because you think you can manage. Whether that’s with childcare or help with your work, take people up on their offers or they don’t keep offering. Plus you’ll find the hours you’re given help are always super productive!

Help your future self

Be organised, whether that’s spending 15 minutes morning and evening cleaning and tidying the house or batch cooking meals for the freezer, being prepared helps keep the stress levels down on days when you’re running late, tired or maybe haven’t managed to get to the shop for food. A quick 5 minute written plan of the next day before you go to bed is a huge help for focusing your mind and keeping to a time plan, particularly when it’s completely down to you to structure your day. Having a cleaner at home is also a great way of freeing time and reducing mental and physical load.

Allow yourself regular downtime

Whether it’s time out with the family or just time to yourself, accept it’s ok to have time to switch off. Turn off your phone and really recharge and reboot. You don’t have to be ‘switched on’ all of the time and you’ll find new energy and passion for life from having a regular break. 

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