5 Ways To Up Your Game In Business By Stella Ralfini

Regardless of circumstances, we all have an equal opportunity to become high achievers. It simply requires a focused mindset, the ability to see ‘failures’ as valuable learning curves and a firm decision not to give up.

Confidence and great communication skills are key to all.  We have to be able to walk into meetings head held high with an attitude not of ‘will they like us’ but will we like and want to work with them. 

Stella Ralfini, the creator of award-winning mind training method Conscious Collaboration, natural health/beauty expert and popular author, shares 5 ways to up our game.

The best thing we can rock is confidence

We won’t always feel it but can bring it on by dressing like a Boss babe, reflect it in our body posture and keep eye contact when speaking or being spoken to. Eye contact should never be broken since the moment we look down or turn away is the equivalent of cutting off our power and giving the other an edge over us. 

Learning to ask better questions can prove a game-changer

If told we are not being given an assignment we thought was in the bag, rather than leave it there, keep steady eye contact and ask a question to learn from. This could be ‘I accept your decision but since I wish to better myself, may I ask the reason why?’

Daily Action Rule

There are weeks when no-one replies to our emails, phone calls or messages which can cause us to lose motivation and doubt our worth.  When we see that doors we knock on stay shut, let’s understand these might be walls which can’t be turned into doors and explore new options. Just imagine this scenario. In front of us lies a field of seeds. The more seeds we plant we more chance we have of seeing a greater percentage come to life. Therefore, we should never go into freeze mode. Plant new seeds by writing to someone who showed vague interest in the past or a completely new person but never let a day to go by without taking action.

Feel like a high achiever

Surround yourself with high achievers. Join high achiever networks. These equate to high energy vibration and to succeed in life we should stay on this wavelength. We must never be drawn in by those who haven’t made it and try to convince us that we won’t.  We should release ties with those who talk gloom and doom. It is easy to be contaminated by negative energy and it is important we stay above it.

We should do something every day that opens our energy field and try to get media attention. One article in a national magazine or newspaper could hold the key to plant our business or service firmly in the public’s eye.  As entrepreneurs, we know how to write but need high-end journalists looking for our stories. Two platforms which give ample opportunity to be heard are Journolink and Entrepreneur Press Hangout (Lightbulb). 

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