5 Ways To Use Anxiety As A Catalyst For Change By Rachael Alexander

5 Ways To Use Anxiety As A Catalyst For Change By Rachael Alexander

Life is about choices, we can either let anxiety win and we continue to play small or we can use our anxiety to push us to reach our goals. Make friends with your anxiety and it becomes a positive force for change. There are many things you can do to help curb anxiety, from yoga and mindfulness to trying a CBD vape such as a Delta 9o Vape

Rachael Alexander is using her own life as an example, she has learned first-hand how anxiety can keep you living in fear and stop you from living your highest potential. Inspiring others across the globe with her unique message of using anxiety as a catalyst for change, you can let anxiety destroy you or you can let anxiety define you – the choice is yours. Here are 5 ways to use anxiety as a catalyst for change from Rachael the mental health psychologist.

 Your inner anxieties are stopping you from reaching your goals

Being told no, being laughed at, and disapproval. We have to overcome our inner anxieties.

Not moving out of our comfort zone

What are 3 small action steps you can take today to move towards your goals? Small steps are a step close to your goals. Ask yourself about what would happen if you were to do nothing towards working on your goals? Do you still want to be in the same position in 12 months time?

Being overwhelmed with fear

Commit for a specific time period each day to work towards your goals. 15 minutes a day is better than taking no action. Overcome procrastination by setting a time limit and allowing you to stop after the time limit – this removes the feeling of procrastination and overwhelm.

Projecting negative outcomes

Write out the negative thoughts in your head, which are stopping you from taking action steps towards your goals. Challenge these thoughts to see how many are based in truth. 90% of what we think will happen never does as the thoughts are rooted in fear.

Being a lone wolf

Ask someone to be your accountability buddy. Accountability can help us transcend our anxiety; knowing we have to explain why we failed to achieve our goals empowers us to face our anxieties.


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