5 Ways You Can Continue To Strengthen The Connection Between Your Team By Gurjinder Bhogal

The arrival of the pandemic has seen us live through times where everyone and everything is so far removed from what it was in 2020 – our family, our friends, our colleagues and even the everyday task of going to work is a distant memory. As many of us cherish being at home with our families more and not having a daily commute, the downside is, are we losing our connection with the world around us by being so socially distanced? This is even more true with our workplace, are we losing touch by being out of sight?

As an employer, it’s still important now to ensure your team feel even more connected to you and unfortunately, the circumstances to do this in have become even more challenging as we start 2021! But, with the help of technology and a little creativity, this doesn’t have to be the case. Written by Gurjinder Bhogal from Black Mamba Marketing & Events, here she shares 5 ways you can strengthen the connection between your team in a meaningful way.


Yes, your team is at home but that might not mean all things rosy to all of them, all of the time. Some are battling with childcare and other dependencies, some may not have the resources they need to do their jobs effectively so as an employer, come from a place of empathy and offer any help or resources they need. This could be technological, a different working pattern or even access to an employee assistant helpline. This will ensure they’re supported through the challenges they face so they do their job well.


Households and families are all having to adapt to doing things differently across all aspects of their lives. Offering out rewards or bonuses, even in times of economic downturn, will ensure your team feels appreciated and more likely to go that extra mile for you. And think outside the box, this could be a meal delivered to their home so they can have a night off from cooking, a virtual experience for them and/or their family or a cash bonus for them to spend on themselves.


Not just by checking that they’re working but by asking them how they’re doing and what challenges they’re facing. Having regular virtual drinks nights, a virtual coffee break, a virtual lunch together or even face to face meets, if it’s safe to do so where you are, will ensure your team’s emotional needs are being met and will help them with their morale. You’ll be giving them a safe outlet to let off steam and just have a chat about issues other than work. 


Not all of us want to work for our employers until the end of time and the day job is often just a means to an end. Do you know what your team want to do in the future? What are their goals and aspirations in life? Do they want to work for themselves one day? By knowing what their personal goals are and actually supporting them to achieve them will ensure your team see you as their bridge to a bigger and brighter future. They’re less likely to leave a supportive employer!

And finally, 


Use work time to do some fun activities, to get to know each other more on a personal level. As a female business owner, we have the upper hand to stuffy corporate workplaces so remind your employees why it’s good to work for you. Show them your fun side and personality. There are lots of virtual quizzes around and giving everyone the chance to do their own quiz gives the whole team a chance to get to know each other better in a fun and enjoyable way. They’ll feel like they’re working for their friends more than a traditional employer and daily tasks won’t seem so mundane. By implementing one or more of these tips on a regular basis, you can really boost your teams’ morale and ensure the time of the pandemic is cherished by all as that’s the time they felt more connected than ever to you and the rest of their team.

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