5 Ways You Can Own Your Own Brilliance By Jo Gifford

Owning your brilliance is a key part of self-belief, personal growth, and seizing opportunities with hell yes confidence. But what is brilliance, and how do we even start to own it?

In this short ‘n’ sweet article, Jo Gifford will take you through some simple yet powerful steps to re-identify your brilliance, uplevel your “I got this” vibes, and to truly own your awesome. Maybe you think that someone is brilliant if they are intelligent, accomplished, knowledgeable, witty or kind. Maybe you have certain standards as to what “brilliance” means, and a benchmark of reaching that standard. Maybe you see it as Kharma, or “zone of genius”; maybe you think of it as being your soul purpose, or your calling in life. Here are 5 simple steps below along with a guide on how you can begin owning your brilliance by Jo Gifford.

It’s your you-ness.

It’s those moments when you feel so totally, unquestionably you.

It’s when you are in your power.

So, then, how can you start to own it? Owning your brilliance can be a tricky mode to step into, as it goes against all the things we have been indoctrinated to edit about ourselves.

But when you do start to own your brilliance, to unbox it and share it with the world, wonderful things start to happen.

That powerful alignment of who you are and what you bring to the world pings up in all sorts of places – the work you do, the people you meet, the situations you experience. Why? When we know ourselves better, it becomes far, far easier to be selective about what we say yes to, what we say no to, who we spend our time with, how we plan our days (and, therefore, our lives).

When we know ourselves better, we bring more of our true selves to every interaction we have with family, friends, clients and colleagues – and that authenticity is refreshing.

When you know you are beautifully brilliant, you don’t need to: 

  • Plagiarise
  • Adopt a new persona that feels unaligned
  • Try too hard
  • Get shouty to be seen and heard
  • Go controversial
  • Be led by tactics

You are already brilliantly you.

Look in the mirror

Take some time to reflect on the things you have achieved in your life so far. We are usually so quick to self deprecate, it’s refreshing to take a moment to really look at how much you have already done. Collect a list, celebrate and congratulate yourself.

Ask your circle of cheerleaders

This can be a really powerful exercise to do, and it’s so simple. Choose a handful of people in your circle whose opinion you value. Pop them a note simply asking to share with you your top qualities and what they really value you most about you. If you explain it’s for a personal development exercise and it will take them just a few minutes, most people will be more than happy to oblige. Collect the results, and read them often. This is how you are seen by others. Aren’t you amazing!

Go public with your brilliance

This is a tiny step but has a huge impact. Once you have completed the first few steps and your confidence is rising, take a moment to re-introduce yourself on your favourite social media platform. 

Here is a swipe file version you can use to get started:

Hey everyone! I have been [working on some new projects/away on holiday/re-looking at my biz] and wanted to swagger/slide in here and re-introduce myself.

My name is {your name], and I kickstart amazing people to sidestep the same in their biz and power up their brilliance [*insert what you do.]

Usually found attached to my Bengal (INFJ alert), I am a tech nerd, Mumma of twins, morning raver and almond butter addict. {use your own quirks here]

People tell me I am honest and real about this entrepreneurial stuff, which brings me great joy. I have created a life and biz around motherhood and chronic illness that works for me, and I am ecstatic when I help others do their thang too. #justdoyouboo {insert what people tell you here]

Bribe me with dark chocolate or come and find me on [Social links].

Share social proof of your brilliance

Well done, you are on the home run now!

See, tiny steps and we get a lot done, so, now you have gathered your own reflections and those of your circle, you have got a really clear picture of your brilliance, plus we have gone public with it.

So you know your brilliance. Now, we want to start gathering social proof and testimonials that others have been wowed with your brilliance too. Sharing social proof helps to bolster your authority, and gives extra, well-deserved credit to the impact you have on the world with your work. Ask someone you are working with right now to share their experience of their results and the process of working with you on social media. Screengrab the results.

So there you have it. A simple, 5 step process to begin owning your brilliance and re-connecting with who you really are with confidence.

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