7 Traits That All Exceptional Managers Have By Carynes Gitler

Effective leaders go beyond the title of “manager” or “boss.” They are communicative, humble, flexible, open, social, down to earth, and honest. Good department heads, directors, managers, and supervisors know how to navigate stumbling blocks. They also know when it’s the right time to take advantage of new opportunities.

Exceptional leaders also know how to encourage employees to focus on the timing and executing company goals. Some people are gifted with leadership skills. Others learn and perfect their skills over time through trial and error. Just because you’re not born to be a leader doesn’t mean you can’t become one.

You can start working toward success today by developing these seven traits of a victorious and reliable leader.


Be a Mentor


Mentors help guide their employers through rocky waters and show them the right paths to take when the going gets tough. In time, members of staff will share their appreciation of your wisdom and guidance. Being a mentor pays off big time. You are not only helping your team reach company goals, but you are also helping each person advance their own career milestones.

As a mentor, you:

  • Share your life’s experiences
  • Bring security by being there
  • Provide counsel for professional and life’s challenges

Be an Efficient Decision Maker

Management is all about making the right decisions, and as an exceptional manager, it’s essential to make the right call.

To be a capable decision-maker you should:

  • Make the best decision
  • Ask important people the right questions
  • Use your listening skills to get to the bottom of the scenario
  • Trust your gut
  • After considering everything, make the right call

Don’t worry if you’re not right all the time. But, if you’re wrong more than you’re right the majority of the time, you should work on strengthening your leadership skills. You should also find out where you’re going wrong.

Stay Away From Drama

Who needs drama when you’re trying to excel at your job? That’s just it —  if you feel like you’re getting sucked into work drama you need to come up with a solution.

Even strong leaders have personal issues to deal with, which is why it’s all the more vital not to entertain unnecessary drama.

Instead, you should focus on solutions. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Don’t blame others and make excuses for poor decisions.
  • Be objective and detached when resolving team conflicts.
  • Cultivate a positive work ethic.
  • Do what is in your power to make positive changes.
  • Understand that success happens over time.

Keeping this mindset will help you stay out of the drama and focus on the future and not the present.

Build a Solid Reputation

To influence others, a supervisor should have a positive reputation. Leaders who have a solid reputation also have integrity. It’s alright to make mistakes, but a reputation takes years to work on and one selfish moment can ruin it all.

Stay the course and keep your reputation clean. To do that, you should also keep a few things in mind:

  • Consider who you are in social media
  • Be a person who seeks respect and honesty
  • Employees will look up to you if you have a strong character

Live for Your Job

It’s hard to do your job well if you aren’t passionate about your line of work. If you do not love your manager position, it may be time to evaluate your place in the company.

A few solutions may be to tell your boss (unless you are your boss) how you’re feeling and try a different leadership role. You could also demote yourself and give one of your excelling employees time to shine while you take a step back to gain perspective. If you do live for your job that’s good news, but there are always ways to improve.

An incredible boss should be:

  • Empowered
  • Driven
  • Engaged
  • Reliable
  • Motivated

It’s more than just being engaged with your employees; you should return to work the next day with zero doubts that this is the job you were born to do.

Pay it Forward

In follow up to living for your job, you should also know how to pay it forward. We touched on this above when we mentioned how essential it is to know when you should take a step back and let others shine. The best leaders know when to let go and measure how many leaders they have created and how they fit into the industry.

If you’re only counting followers something is wrong. The best managers invest in the future and move beyond the boundaries of their professional aspirations.

The goal is to let go and help employees become leaders in their new and exciting roles. Then you can watch the new leaders mentor new individuals who will carry on the tradition.

Be Self-Aware

It’s an attractive quality to be self-aware. Be at ease with yourself. It will make your coworkers more receptive to you. Being self-aware inspires employees and makes them eager to learn more about themselves. You should never get used to being self-aware. There are no shortcuts to success.

Managers must focus on the small wins and recognise the new directions that come from making mistakes. Be an exceptional manager by always being grateful every step of the way.

Extraordinary leaders are hard to come by, and unfortunately, some people believe they are one when they’re not. Compelling leaders work on their character, know when to say no, and focus more on their employees instead of themselves. At the same time, they must continue to improve their skill set and lead with passion.

If you’d like to become a remarkable leader you should keep these 7 traits in mind and continue to hone your skills. It’s hard not to look up to an authentic leader who has the company’s best interest in mind and is doing an excellent job at building leaders of the future. Don’t give up on becoming an exceptional leader who was born for greatness!


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