7 Ways Your Zodiac Sign Could Influence Your Career Success By Britta Hochkeppel

Taking aside the bombshell earlier this summer that suggested there might be a 13th zodiac sign, Ophiuchus, our obsession with astrology is not just because it’s fun to be able to recognise traits, strengths and weaknesses in family and friends it also feeds the vanity chip in our brains that loves to self-analyse. But did you know that honing your knowledge of your sign could help you determine the best career and whether you’re a natural-born entrepreneur or always work better as a team? It does! Britta Hochkeppel explains why below.

Plan for change

If you’re looking to change jobs many astrologists will direct you to the sixth and tenth houses in your chart, which represent work/daily life and career/reputation. This means that if your sun sign is Aries, naturally go-ahead and impulsive but your sixth house is in Virgo, analytical and the Zodiac’s communicators and best as part of a team, you could be setting yourself up for conflict if you’re planning to strike out on your own. You don’t have to invest in having your whole chart done but take a moment to really think about what you want from a new career: instead of reacting to your most obvious choices, think a little deeper about the other sides of your personality. It could help you make the choice that will keep you happy. 

Tune into your gifts

Each of us is born with a bunch of gifts that are embedded in our character and very dependent on our birth sign, as you go through life these traits start to manifest themselves. 

Those born under Sagittarius might come across as direct and a little blunt but they are the natural teachers of the Zodiac and have the gift to help people engage in their ideas. Taureans might seem slow to communicate but they are methodical, practical, loyal and make the best builders.  

Your star sign can affect aspirations and challenges you face so knowing more about the gifts or attributes of the sign you’re born under can help you make better decisions on the job that will suit you best. 

Zone into your sign

Stuck in a career rut? Try this quick mediation to help connect with your zodiac treasure.

  1. Sitting comfortably and calming the mind with the use of a few deep in and out-breaths.
  2. Tuning in with the hidden treasure that your zodiac sign has to offer, imagine connecting with them, see your strengths and the knowledge your sign has to give you.
  3. With your eyes closed, welcome any change your star sign has to offer and be grateful for what you are. 
  4. Think for a moment that you are more than enough and own all the tools you need to manifest the best life has to offer you.  Feeling empowered and refreshed, come back into the room.

Believing in the moon

If you read the daily horoscope as a fiery Leo but nothing fits it’s worth knowing that the Moon sign, the sign the moon passes through at the exact time and place of your birth, holds important keys to your personality. While the sun sign represents the face you present to the world, in the case of Leo, bright and confident, if your moon sign is the more dreamy Pisces, emotional and deep thinking it could affect your job choice.  Leos might make great public speakers but Pisceans lean towards the arts and make good graphic designers and musicians. 

Wishing on a star

Ever find you come into conflict with some people at work? Knowing your colleague’s star signs can be helpful to make things work better.  If you’re born under the sign of Scorpio, naturally deep and powerful in your emotions and find you’re constantly thwarted by someone born under the sign of Libra who likes things to be in balance with no high drama, having the knowledge of the zodiac can help you bring harmony into your job and the rest of your life, too. 


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