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ENTREPRENEURSHIP​: The Power Of Brand Sponsorships By Samanah Duran
BEYOUROWN Collective is a full-service PR and Management Agency specialising in entrepreneurs. Founded by entrepreneur Samanah Duran, BEYOUROWN Collective respectfully works with a small handful of clients to make sure that we successfully execute mutely beneficial goals.
When joining our boutique books as one of our clients, we fully commit ourselves and dedicate a vast amount of time to providing pure brilliance and delivering outstanding results for you.
As we only have you in mind and tailor to your needs and requirements, we only offer one premium package deal to take away the unnecessary talk of additional costs or fees down the line. Whether you are a fully-fledged global phenomenon or small start-up founder, we value simplicity and prefer our clients to know exactly what to expect when joining us with.
Speaking Engagements

We continue to place our clients at conferences, awards, after-dinner speaking and global events.


Influencer Marketing

We assist in connecting our clients to the right brand endorsement opportunities and securing product placements that match their industry field.

Media Requests And Interviews

We manage our client's media coverage across well-suited media and news outlets.

Social Media Management

By managing our client's social media platforms, we aim to amplify their message whilst growing their audience.

Creative Content

Our in-house creative team organise and deliver personal content, corporate and commercial photography for our client's requirements.


Press Release & Distrobution

We help our clients announce their latest news to the public in a newsworthy way.