As a natural-born empath and self-taught healer and intuitive, Kristi Peck learned to use her natural abilities to release energetic blocks, surrender painful memories, make conscious choices and cultivate a sacredness about life. Many of her clients are seeking freedom and joy.

Through her soul mentoring sessions, Kristi helps manly women release energetic blocks created from their own memories of experiences and emotions lodged deep within the body; learn how to surrender to the uncharted and often uncomfortable situations life can throw at us; and learn how to move forward consciously aware of their deep desires and developing daily practices for creating optimal health and wellness of mind, body, heart and soul.

Welcome back, Kristi! Can you talk us through the last 6 months of progression since we last spoke?

Well, I am on a self-retreat. In education, we called it a sabbatical when an educator took a year off to study, research, stay home, etc. As an entrepreneur, I am calling it a self-retreat. 

I was noticing that my work felt stale and my writing was sounding repetitive.  At times, I was getting frustrated and simply unfocused. I was trying to hard to make things happen and it really contradicted my soul belief that our purpose and our work find us.  I found myself saying to clients too ‘sit back and follow the synchronicities of life.’ And I realised one day that I was not following my sage wisdom. 

My physical body was showing major signs of being worn out. My mind was not aligned with my heart and therefore the work I was doing was a bit flat and lacked energy. 

A self-retreat is nothing more than taking time for the self to reappear stronger, aligned to the soul’s purpose and energised. I cleared my calendar and my life.  I got still, really still.  Some days were actually challenging as I am not a still person.  Other days were filled with sorrow and joy all at the same time. Many answers were shown to me.  My fears were displayed vividly as I worried about clients, finances, a following, and what would I be like when the retreat was over.

I have come to learn 3 lessons that influence everything I do now going forward –

  1. What is meant for you will always find you. I had to wrestle with some pretty deep-seated beliefs that if I wasn’t working every minute the results would not come. That is simply not true. I also had to wrestle with the belief that walking away was a bad move.  It turns out, it is a really smart thing to do for you.  Think of the concept of throwing trash away.  That is what we have to do in our life – get rid of what is no longer serving us – our heart, our mind, our soul and us, physically.  I was allowing my head and heart to make decisions and every time, my head won.  I would make rational decisions that seemed aligned.  The challenge was they were aligned to outside sources and outside standards and expectations. When I got still, I began to see the energetic loop within me that connected my heart and soul to higher consciousness and that became my navigating system. Learning to trust that showed me that what was meant for me will always find me.  Connection and energy were key factors to nurture.
  2. Life is meant to be fun and joyful. The more fun I had the more I saw desires show up.  The more joyous I felt the more joy appeared in everyday moments.  The more I laughed the better I felt every day. Even in moments of challenge, if I could muster up a small amount of fun, joy and laughter, it made all the difference. I could almost always feel the energy change. The hilarious thing is I found myself letting go of so much as I felt more joy.  It was as if an energy source greater than me was helping me.  This experience was a game-changer.
  3. Healthy energy is what gives life to your workWhen I first decided to walk away from my work, it was mostly out of necessity.  Physically I was not feeling well and mentally I was fried.  My spiritual practice had become stagnate. In taking care of my physical self, the other aspects of me began to naturally fall into alignment. I started noticing the physical energy that had begun to return. I found myself studying and asking questions about the conceptual basis for us, as energy beings. My research led me to a deeper self-awareness for who I am.  I now hold sacred my energetic supply which means saying yes and no for reasons that feel good to me, making spiritual ‘homework a daily necessity, and seeking the joy in every moment.  I am often asking myself in moments that feel heavy (cause that is the life I have as a wife, a mom, a friend, and an entrepreneur), where are the fun and joy? If I cannot see and feel it, I quickly get myself out of that experience. If I cannot get out of it, I excuse myself and find a spot where I can fuel myself.  This nugget of a moment actually fills me with joy and I have fun with being able to own myself in this way.

Has your typical day changed at all?

Absolutely! I build in quiet moments to reflect and retrieve exactly what I am to be focusing on for that day. I only do things that feel really good. If there is even an ounce of doubt, I slow up and let it go.  If it is meant for me, it will come back. It has happened a couple times already.

I seek inspiration so that I can wholeheartedly inspire others.  I surround myself with those people, experiences and things that bring me joy, lift me up and feel really good.

I have a question that keeps me centred and focused on the present moment – what is important right now?  I ask it all day long. My human self can get very egoic and that’s when I tend to sway toward doing more, pushing myself, and in fear, worry, jealousy and doubt. Curiosity aids in me staying in my own lane, my own alignment, and my own joy.  It also guides me to trust in God – a universal life force, and angels – universal beings of love.  I use curiosity and connection to plan my day and ultimately determine what comes next. 

My work life is taking a whole different turn.  Follow me to share in this awakened way to live life and work.

Have you since expanded or reached any new milestones that you set out to achieve?

I had thought I was pretty clear on my vision.  This self-retreat has strengthened that vision to include more of a heart-centered approach to my whole life. I no longer feel I live separated existences. My work and my purpose have aligned to a scared calling that exists in everything I do all day long. 

I get a sense that going forward I will daily plug in whatever and whoever needs my service.  Some days that might be focusing on family and myself.  Other days that might look like a couple clients or writing or speaking to groups of women. 

I have moved beyond rules and so-called standards for what typical business looks like. I am trusting that this new way for me will allow me to live joyfully and be in service to the world in a more aligned way.

What is your current business philosophy?

Only do what lights you up, brings you joy, and helps yourself and others equally. Say yes to the energy of experience or adventure.  This means that I am less attached to outcomes and results.  I believe that if my energy is high and inspirational, the outcomes will be that as well.  It is a very heart-centered approach.

Is your business plan still reflective of your business today or has it altered as you have grown?

I do not really use the word business anymore.  It elicits different meanings for so many in our society today. I prefer to call what I do for my work because I believe it is a sacred calling life this way and be of service in this way.

Since taking a self-retreat, my work looks different from day today. It focuses on 3 guiding truths: What is good for me today? What is good for others today? What is one way to move forward and share my work?

These truths bring about a “to-do” list that feels good, is heart-centered on taking care of me and serving others with my gifts and talents. They also pull me to more creative space and pull me to take risks that are aligned to support greater than me.

Have you encountered any challenges or faces any business building carries since we last spoke?

The only challenge that can get in my way sometimes is that our world is very noisy.  I try to keep true to who I am and why I am here (to inspire others to seek freedom, joy and fun).  I believe that I will always attract exactly what is best for me and for others.  In a noisy world, it can be challenging to keep that belief alive.  My humanness gets in the way triggering doubt and fear.  Following my retreat, I am much more equipped to solve these insecurities with heart-centered silence.

One key piece of advice for starting a business in today’s world?

Here’s what I would say to someone who wants to start a business:

  • Know yourself. To make any business successful, we have to know who we are so that when challenges arise, and they will, we have a strong sense of self to find our own solutions.  That way you and your business are aligned to what is best for you and no one else.
  • Let your heart guide your passion to do, to create, and to sell. That way you are selling what can connect others and not only sell a service or a product.
  • Take care of yourself equally to putting energy into your business. Your healthy energy will keep your working thriving for the long run.

How are you continuing to redefine success?

I used to think success was defined by outcomes and results.  Doing more heart-centred work has offered me a more enlightened vision that includes how I feel serving others and how others feel being served.  This vibrational tendency submits a ripple motion that continually connects.  My vision includes building a community of health and wellness as part of a higher way of living life. My success can be seen by how I live my own life in relation to how much inspiration I bring to others to live their life with more freedom, joy and fun.

Are you seeking any new professional mentorship or guidance?

I am open to mentorship and guidance as long as it supports a more conscious way of ‘working’ I would love to partner with coaches who support businesses and entrepreneurs and share what I have learned.  Letting a higher consciousness lead the way is a truly joyful life.

Finally, what can we expect later this year and what is your main focus?

2020 will be the year for me. As the year ends, I am putting the finishing touches on my 2nd book – ‘Welcome In: An Illumination of Self – Cultivating a Sacredness Within.’ I am also working on a 90-day journal that I am excited to share as well. The journal will be a great addition to this new book and my previous book, ‘Coming Home: A Love Story.’

I am also excited to share that I will be podcasting beginning in March. Stay tuned and connect with me on my links to be in the know for these exciting adventures. I am thrilled to share!



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