Meet Marie-Eve Cote, the graphic designer and brainchild behind Meve Media, who creates fresh, vibrant media, graphic designs, written pieces and forms for a unique taste. Having graduated in 2007 after studying micropublishing and hypermedia, Marie-Eve used her extensive knowledge in software fused with understanding the fundamentals of business and promotion to help accurately convey her clients branding image.

How has Meve Media’s overall progression been in the recent 6 months?

We’ve successfully tripled our revenue at Meve Media while doing the same for our clients.

How has your typical day changed reflective of that?

My typical day has changed to align with our business progression since we last spoke, as find that I am more proactive now. That being said, I also aim to equally balance my passion for art whilst maintaining the business aspect of Meve Media.

Have you recently raised any business funding or secured grants, expanded your team or reached any new milestones?

We have expanded our team through social media advertisement and B2B events.

What is your current business philosophy? 

Work hard and smart. Always work hard but try to balance leisure time and your hobbies.

Is your business plan still reflective of your business as of today, and have you stuck to your original business model? 

We are still following the original business model and it reflects greatly the outcome we are getting. More clients are taking notice in our multimedia services. The only difference is that more clients approach us, without us having to chase them down.

Have you encountered any challenges or faced any business building barriers since we last spoke? If so, what did have you done to override them?

We have encountered a few financial challenges like most SME’s do, but we managed to get past that by cutting down some costs.

Are you seeking any new professional mentorship or guidance?

We work with other business owners that are seemingly already well established, so that we can continue being more attractive as a multimedia business.

If you could step into the shoes of any other influential leader who would it be?

If I could step into the shoes of any influential leader, it would probably be Ellen Degeneres. I often see that Ellen leads her online platform presence with a passionate and compassionate heart. Always with empathy and kindness.

One key piece of advice for starting a business in today’s world?

In today’s world starting an online business is very easy to do with so many online groups of various niches. You can easily sell online as we live in such a technological era. More people can work from home or whilst travelling, so it would be a great idea to capitalise on that.

How are you continuing to redefine your own success? 

I continue to redefine my own success by not being afraid to fail. I believe in failing forward and learning from each experience and never giving up.

Finally, what is your main focus? 

My main focus is growing my business and pushing the envelope to go beyond. Continue to triple our revenue by servicing other entrepreneurs. I intend to live a well balanced life, improve myself on a personal level in my artwork.



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Image by Daniel Archambault Photos 

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