We are always here for the badass women in motorsports. So this week we interview Adriana Pinto, co-founder of WRide, a club of women who ride – or would like to ride – motorbikes.

How you first started out with WRide?

I’m leading a Project called WRide with a good friend of mine, Sara. It all started when Sara sent me an email, asking me to help build her dream by creating a group of leading ladies to travel around the world by bike.Now we are getting bigger and better and receiving recognition for what are doing. We get to sharing and live own passion, and try to help inspire others to follow their dreams as each of us are pursuing own own paths and experiences in the bike world.

Where does the name derive from?

The ‘W’ cause it can stand for both We or Women. In fact,

Awesome, what are you pursuing right now?

I’m starting to get involved as an Ambassador for Champi Women Racing (Women’s Racing Team).

How you are using WRide to help empower women?

When it comes to the bike world, women are associated to it only because  they look nice next to a bike or holding an umbrella for a rider. We want to inspire the world to think different. We want to show that with passion and dedication women can get as good as men when riding a bike. They can pack their bikes and reach every destination they want, on their own or in good company.

What helps you stay confident in being unique?

WRide’s objective is also to prove that being between girls and share a strong passion is possible, which is not so obvious yet in our society.

I understand that It’s not always very easy to be involved with a group of women whereby you may feel like you don’t fit in. So when I do meet new women with whom I can share my passions with I really feel appreciated and its really great. I believe nobody should have to feel they need to change just to fit in the society’s concept of how women should be. Just be your own.

What mantra do you live by?

I live in the moment. That’s my Mantra. Nowadays we are heavily connected to our phones, and we lose most of what is going on around us. Especially with social media, that’s why I try to leave my phone behind. I promised myself to live the momento, and being more aware of being present. Not living in the past nor in the future, just let it go and try to meet new interesting people, not overthinking, just letting yourself go with the flow of new experiences and learning from them.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN it’s an opportunity to show the world and support all women who have some really special & unique projects. #BEYOUROWN is all about helping to inspiring, share & celebrate other women’s success stories and also show case up and coming talented women. I really appreciate Samanah Duran and this opportunity to show the world my my project which is WRide.

Thank you for believing!



Twitter: @W_Ride3  Instagram: @W_Ride

Website: http://www.wrideworld.com

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