Psychic Alice is a spiritual healer, palmist, and empath who finds true joy in the gift of service to others by connecting people with their own spirituality and power. As a natural practitioner, Alice is an 8th generation psychic and tarot card reader who has been reading for clients since the age of six. 

Alice embraces her gifts, recently coming to the realization that she is a teacher- her subject matter is your Spiritual Awakening and giving all who desire, the accessibility to the parts of oneself that have not yet been uncovered or fully understood. Known on Instagram as – the Psychic Next Door, Alice uses her abilities to inspire individuals to embrace themselves with full acceptance and self-love in preparation for their twin flame journey. She presents sage advice and unfiltered truths with a rare and human vulnerability, wit, laughter, and the occasional dance behind her favourite sparkly filter. Alice makes magic and healing accessible to everyone by sharing simple everyday ways to harness the power of colour, breath, and sound to find grounding and balance.

The stars as a guide, Alice uses Astrology to offer insights of upcoming planetary shifts and transits and encourages followers to see these challenges as a catalyst to move past their blockages and create happiness in their own lives. With more than 50,000 followers, Alice’s original voice and compassionate kindness have led her to become an internationally recognised psychic and spiritual healer. Psychic Alice has been featured in numerous publications and podcasts including ‘Bad Examples’ and ‘Stars Like Us.’  

Can you talk about your journey with us?

My journey began before I was even born. I come from a long line of Spiritual Healers and was raised with the knowledge of who I was and what I am capable of. I can remember giving my Grandmother’s clients readings at 6 years old and my Grandmother would be right by me helping me understand my intuition and how to interpret it. I honed my abilities and absorbed as much knowledge as I could from My Grandmother and Mother and by 18, I opened my first business.

In an oversaturated market, what are you doing differently?

I’m putting the proof in the pudding. I’m demonstrating what I can do and putting myself out there. So many in my field prioritise money over the client and I don’t. I won’t even accept a client if I can’t help them or if they are looking for something that is not in their best interest. My goal is and always has been to help people live their best lives.

As you work mostly with the spiritual self of your clients rather than the physical one, would you say that ‘remote working’ and WFH hasn’t really affected your ability to perform professionally?

Working from home has always been something I’ve done so the move to virtual sessions only hasn’t been that difficult for me. The challenge for me has now become managing my business with my 3 kids at home during the day. My husband and I have found a schedule that works for both of us. It has been challenging keeping our little ones busy in the “covid era” but my clients are amazing and are very understanding if one of my little ones do “pop in” during a session. I’m very blessed.

Who is the most influential female entrepreneur that you admire and why?

Christina Tosi, is a huge inspiration to me. I admire her ability to go against what everyone else is doing and just create what makes her happy. She’s never been afraid to switch it up in her culinary endeavours and put things together people wouldn’t normally think of. When she first started people thought she was crazy for some of her combinations but they worked! She has taught me to take risks and to not be scared, to do what makes me happy and speak about what I’m passionate about and I’ve implemented that into my own business.

What has been a highlight for you so far whilst building your business?

The highlight for me is always when I see my client happy. When my client calls me and tells me, “thank you, you really changed my life”, that’s what it’s all about for me. I love meeting new people and seeing them just start out in their journey and watching them blossom into their best selves and I have made some incredible friends along the way.

In contrast, what has been the most challenging obstacle you have faced and how did you overcome it?

I would put in hours of work creating content for my social media platforms, only to have them literally, copied and pasted by others in my field with my name covered by theirs. I’d write posts on Twinflame’s and what they are and have them completely stolen and labelled as their own. I even had my unique Twinflame service ripped off. I realised they could only copy my content but not me. Not my actual work.

Anyone can have my words but the power is in me. I reformatted my content to something much more personal with my customers and now I’m no longer in that place. I took back my power and realised,  I am the product. I am the brand.

Biggest lesson learned so far professionally?

The biggest thing I’ve learned is to just do my own thing and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Getting caught up in what everyone else is doing happens easily and it makes you second guess everything! The only person you should be in competition with is yourself.

Which 3 marketing tools or platforms do you use and how do they support the everyday business functionality?

My business functions mostly on social media through Instagram and Tiktok. Social media gives me a chance to really connect with my customers and lets them see what I can do. Google Analytics has always been a staple. The ability to see where my traffic is coming from helps me prioritise where to focus my efforts.

How are you looking to grow your business next year in 2021?

2020 has taught me to step into my role as a teacher and I’ll be offering online courses in the topics of Spirituality, Palmistry and Energy Healing. I have a podcast in the works as well as several amazing collaborations coming in 2021.



Instagram: @alicepsychic

TikTok: @ThePsychicNextDoor

Website: https://linktr.ee/thepsychicnextdoor


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