Amber-Lee Lyons is a Chakra and Reiki expert, your Spiritual BFF and the founder of The Chakra Girl Co., a company on a mission to make Chakra Balancing mainstream and bridging the gap between Gurus and Gucci, all with a glass of Malbec in hand. She believes you shouldn’t have to compromise your love for all things material in order to be spiritual and has inspired thousands of women to tap into their chakra energy to live their glitziest lives!

Amber-Lee is attuned in Reiki and a certified level 2 Reiki Practitioner. She’s studied Kundalini Yoga under Gloria Latham and uses the teachings, meditations and chakra work with her clients. Amber-Lee has developed her own form of energy healing, Chakra Activations, that utilise a combination of crystals, meditation, visualisation, reiki, and light-work to re-train the subconscious mind and expand the vibration of your soul to attract your desires in the physical realm.

Amber-Lee’s podcast, Chakra Girl Radio is an uncut look into the lives of today’s influencers to share their best spiritual and lifestyle rituals that have allowed them to create glamorous lives and overcome the chaos and melt-downs that come with success. Amber-Lee is also sharing her weekly chakra tips, fav spiritual products, wild manifestations stories and reality TV updates so you too can be glam and grounded AF!

Hey Amber, can you introduce yourself to us?

I am a Chakra and Reiki expert, your Spiritual BFF and the founder of The Chakra Girl Co., a company on a mission to make Chakra Balancing mainstream and bridging the gap between Gurus and Gucci, all with a glass of Malbec in hand. I believe you shouldn’t have to compromise your love for all things material in order to be spiritual. I host a podcast called Chakra Girl Radio where I interview successful women to share their spiritual tips and wisdom to the world.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

I started my career in fashion and while I was studying Fashion Marketing about 10 years ago I was just in a dark place. I was partying, dating all the wrong guys and suffered from anxiety and mild depression. I was gaining weight because of my unhealthy lifestyle and decided to try hot yoga because I heard I could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

Little did I know yoga was so much more about the internal than the external. I started being really into it and decided to start meditating. I realised in my first meditation class that I was the only one in the class that was swallowing every 5 seconds and I felt like I had a giant lump in my throat. The teacher told me after that it might be my throat chakra, I had no idea what that was but I immediately started researching. I became an expert in all things chakras and crystals and saw how my life was getting better and better.

I decided I wanted to share this with the world and created a Chakra Jewellery Line but when the business was ready I was getting emails all the time about how to unblock your chakras to start your own business and I knew that was my calling. I started coaching women on how to break through their energetic barriers to design the life they want and it immediately took off.

Since then I created a half a million dollar business in 2 years, got attuned in Reiki as a certified level 2 Reiki Practitioner. I studied Kundalini Yoga under Gloria Latham and use the teachings, meditations and chakra work with her clients. I’ve also developed my own form of energy healing, Chakra Activations, that utilise a combination of crystals, meditation, visualisation, reiki and light-work to re-train the subconscious mind and expand the vibration of your soul to attract your desires in the physical realm.

What is a day in the life of you like?

I start every day with a 2-hour daily practice and me-time! I cuddle with my husband and my dog, I take my dog for a walk, then I come home and do some kind of workout, then do a full bath ritual that includes Reiki, meditation, visualising and journalling. I have my coffee while I do my hair/makeup and listen to either a podcast, Abraham Hicks or watch a reality show, then I get to work! When I’m not traveling I’m on calls with clients, doing podcast interviews, meeting colleagues for lunch and basically frantically working from about 11-5 or 6.

Can you tell us about The Chakra Girl Co and the concept behind the platform?  

We believe that you should be able to create the life you want but know there are blocks along the way. When I started my journey I had all the blocks and it was difficult to find teachers or gurus that I felt understood what I was going through. I wanted to create a fun, approachable space that young women could get info and support and community on their spiritual journey while they design super fab lives!

We love how you really champion women who opt to build each other up rather than tearing each other down. What does sisterhood mean to you? 

Sisterhood means really truly, from your heart, wanting other women to be successful. I don’t like the term “networking” I feel like those are contrived friendships to try and get something in return. Sisterhood is more genuine!

Who does the team involve behind you at The Chakra Girl Co? 

I have a business manager that’s my right hand for the day to day operations and a content manager that helps me create photos and content for social and my blog. I also have a PR team, Society Gal, that manages to keep my podcast scheduled, brand collaborations, social media strategy, and my over-all brand, and then I am a part of a podcast network called ‘Dear Media.’

Where can you see yourself within the next 3-5 years?

In 3-5 years I want to make the podcast into a TV show so I can really spread the message to the masses. I want to have a home in Italy with my husband and take our dog Sampson to see the world in a private jet.

As an extension to your brand, you host Chakra Girl Radio, but what other areas are you looking to expand The Chakra Girl Co further?

Definitely a TV Show and also products. We are working on a really exciting line of Chakra Beauty Sprays! My audience is really interested in the beauty and self-care side of things so that’s a natural transition for me and eventually I want to go back to my root and so something in fashion.

Can you tell us what areas you have struggled in professionally? 

I think just working too much and not spending enough time on me. I’ve really changed that lately with my 2-hour daily practice but it’s something that in the beginning was a big adjustment. I just love my audience and my brand so much that it’s hard to pull myself away from the computer, but family and my own care are now my #1 so I can be even better at what I do.

What outlets do use to market The Chakra Girl Co? 

The podcast has become one of my best. Even though my Instagram following is quite big, the real die-hard chakra girl fans are listening to the podcast and hanging out with me for an hour every week! Instagram is amazing too though and I love DMing with my people! I have a Facebook group as well but I am not as active there.

Which methods are you using to build your own support network? 

I am best friends with my PR manager which is really awesome. I believe in really authentic connections and connecting with supporters that have the same core values. I also have my own business coach, Paige Filliater, who’s really good at keeping me organised since I’m doing a million things.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received to date? 

Stay in your own lane. I don’t like to draw inspiration from people that are in the same or similar industries as me, it leads to too much comparison. I look at my passion, like fashion, reality TV, bloggers and draw inspiration from there so that I can come up with more out of the box ideas that people in my industry are not already doing.

What is the number 1 critical lesson you have learned in your career so far? 

Take time to process before taking action. I am a very quick starter which means I get an idea and it’s already launched the next day. I now follow a 7 step process before I take action (one step for each chakra) to feel into it intuitively.

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life? 

My 2 hours daily practice covers my self-care and then everyone on top of that, like nails, lashes, time with friends, is just a bonus. My husband and I really take time to connect each night rather than just zoning out watching TV (we do that sometimes too, don’t get me wrong). Since I travel so much for work I make sure to give myself time to myself on trips as well. So important to keep the self-care up on the road!

The highlight of your career so far? 

Hosting events all over the world! Bali, Paris, LA, Hawaii, Vancouver…Lots more to come next year too!

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction? 

Seeing my clients success! I get more excited for them than I do for myself. Some of the girls I work with I’ve been working with since the beginning and its wild to see them go from the idea stage to multi 6 figures. I just love them and have become friends with many of them.

What challenges have you seen to have been presented during the growth of The Chakra Girl Co? 

Fast growth can be scary and sometimes it makes you realise when some things no longer serve you. It’s so important to always be doing the mindset work when you’re growing so fast.

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why? 

I like to draw inspiration from things that interest me, I am obsessed with the Kardashians and the empires they’ve created. They really made it possible for anyone and everyone to be an influencer without necessarily having a talent although I think they are all talented and brilliant, but back in the day, you had to be a supermodel, an actress or a singer to get anyone to pay attention to you. Now you just need to be yourself unapologetically, share vulnerably, and connect to people because that’s what everyone wants.

What is a good article or book you have read recently? 

My favourite all-time book is ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks. It’s all about growth and how to enhance the mind. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

What does your Podcast playlist look like?

I listen to mine to make sure I am always improving, Chakra Girl Radio, ‘The Skinny Confidential,’ ‘That’s So Retrograde,’ ‘Adderall and Compliments’ and ‘The Bitch Bible.’

It’s actually funny that all my favourite podcasts are a part of Dear Media and I was shocked when they reached out and asked me to join. So honoured to be among these ladies (and Michael!)

How do you measure your own terms of success? 

My happiness and my bank account. Goal setting is a huge part of my success but I always make sure my goals match up with my values. More money allows me to travel more, have more freedom, show up as my most grounded and free self for my friends and family.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you? 

It means being real, raw, authentic and unapologetic. The more real you are the more you can help others. Showing your flaws shows others that it’s okay to be imperfect and allows them to step into a bigger version of themselves.

Lastly, what is next for The Chakra Girl Co? 

I am launching a program called ‘Chakra Girl Icon’ where I will be working with online business owners going from an entrepreneur to an influencer, to empire! I am really excited about this! Also, beauty products and TV show are my big goals for 2019.


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