Fresh from the release of her critically acclaimed award-winning, bestselling book, Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness, Amrita Grace is on fire with her fierce commitment to guiding spirit-led women into their authentic, embodied feminine power through Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing®.

Co-founder of The Sacred Feminine® Mystery School, Amrita is an accomplished facilitator and teacher trainer of Certified Spiritual Sexual Educators® as well as women who wish to explore their personal sacred sexual awakening and healing through vacation retreats.

An Ordained High Priestess since 2003, Amrita brings her background in sacred ceremony, ecstatic dance, and conscious communication along with her unbridled enthusiasm for living a vibrant, authentic, magical life to everything she does.

Hey Amrita, how’s it all going?

Life has never been better than it is right now! I’m solidly on my path of right livelihood, and that’s something I’ve been longing for and working towards for many years. It’s an incredible feeling.

What were the first steps you took to launching The Sacred Feminine Mystery School?

The school evolved out of a long-time friendship with my original mentor and teacher, Caroline Muir. I invited her to teach a weekend with me after a 4-year breast cancer hiatus, and it sparked the realization that our unique body of work is really needed in the world. From there, it took me another year to gain momentum, and now I’m laying the foundation for a movement that will outlast both of us.

How has the journey been so far?

To be honest, there were a few years after breast cancer where I felt really unsure about what might be next for me. My big breast cancer lesson was to stop overworking for so little return. To stop pushing so hard and let things come to me. So, I waited until clarity came, and it took a lot longer than was comfortable for me. But when it came, it was like a lightning bolt.

You are currently an accomplished facilitator of the process globally celebrated as Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing-AH, what other training did you undertake?

I’m a lifelong learner. I love to learn and apply new things, especially in the realm of the Feminine Mysteries. I was ordained as a High Priestess in 2003, a 4-year process. I Certified as a Spiritual Sexual Educator in 2007 and a Divine Feminine Ambassador in 2009. I’ve also been trained as an Art of Feminine Presence Licensed Teacher and a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. Those are the major ones.

Congratulation on your award-winning, bestselling book “Reclaiming Aphrodite-The Journey to Sexual Wholeness.” Is another book on the way? 

Thank you! Reclaiming Aphrodite is in its 3rd edition, and it recently made bestseller. It feels like it’s reached maturity and that people are ready now for information about how to heal from sexual wounding. I quietly self-published my second book earlier this year on Kindle. It’s called “Dancing with Breast Cancer-The Sacred Feminine Path to Wholeness.”

Now you had breast cancer back in 2013, and whilst recovering, you created the Dancing with Breast Cancer online course, what was the incentive here? 

The course was based on the book I just mentioned. I wrote the book for fun, really. I needed to direct my boundless energy into something creative, and I decided to write about what I knew best: the path of the priestess and the journey through breast cancer. Because I had such an easy, and dare I say, joyful experience with breast cancer, I wanted to share with other women a new perspective. I created the course for the same reason, thinking at the time that my mission was to work with women diagnosed with breast cancer. But none of it ever went anywhere. I decided to publish the book anyway, though I don’t promote it or the course at all. If they help even one woman, it’s worth all that I put into it.

Given your experiences and personal challenges, do you feel like now you’re in the luxurious position to be who you really want to be?

I love you use of the word “luxurious” and that makes me smile. I would say, yes and no. Yes, I feel very clear about who I am and what I’m on the planet for; my soul purpose. That feels very luxurious. And, there’s a lot of work to be done. The school is just being launched and as I said earlier, this is the foundation for a movement, a revolution of sacred sexual awakening and healing. I’m still doing much of it myself, and I look forward to the day when I have a dedicated, hard-working staff who are as passionate as I am. That will be the true luxury.

What is the best advice you have received recently?

Haha, you’ve going to love this one: “If you’re doing your best, you’re not getting enough rest”. That speaks to my tendency toward perfectionism and wanting to do everything “right” and be a true professional in all things. However, the same person told me that perfectionism in business is just too expensive. And it’s true. I used that advice to make a big breakthrough into doing Facebook Live videos, and that has been amazing both in how it feels to get my message out to a bigger audience and how truly accomplished I feel in what I’m presenting.

Best advice you can give to someone who find themselves in a similar situation to how you were throughout your young adulthood?

Oh, what a great question! If only my book had been available to me then. The best advice I can give is to stop, breathe, and feel. Slow down and come fully into your body. Feel what’s there. It may be overwhelming, but if you breathe through it, that overwhelm will pass. That’s the starting place. Then, get support. Someone who can help you with the embodiment piece. Someone who can be really present with you. Talk therapy has its uses, but it keeps people in their heads. It’s all about being in our bodies.

Who do you feel is an inspiration to your life?

My biggest inspiration, well, I have two, really. The first is my business partner, Caroline Muir. She’s in her mid-70’s and she’s been teaching Tantra Yoga for 35 years. She’s a true pioneer and she designated me her lineage holder. I’m taking the precious, unique body of work she created and evolving it for the next generation and beyond.

The other is my beloved husband. He is a man who is truly balanced in his masculine and feminine energies, and I believe that balance is the key to healing on the planet right now.

We understand that you are now married and settled with a great man who you believe treats you as you should be, but what was the turning point for you to understand your own self-worth? 

I had to have my self-worth solidly in place before I could attract this kind of relationship. It was really the Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing work that helped me find my way to lifelong self-worth. And, it’s an ongoing journey. I would say the turning point was when I finally declared myself fully healed from my sexual addiction. When I had full management of my sexual energy and was in full integrity with it. That represented many years of dedicated personal work and some very non-traditional methods.

Why do you think so many young women settle for less than what they should?

That really comes back to the self-worth piece. Once we know our own worth, we can’t possibly settle. I remained single for 8 years while calling in my Beloved. Most men who crossed my path just couldn’t meet me, and it wasn’t worth my time and energy to invest in anything more than friendship. There’s a piece around co-dependency as well. Most girls are brought up learning to people-please and be compliant in order to get the love they need, and that sets up a pattern that goes on until we are willing to work through it. It carries over into relationships and they can’t be healthy relationships until we do our own inner work.

What has been the winning moment in your personal life for you so far?

It’s all about Love! As I think about my professional accomplishments, those are wonderful. But the true winning moment was when the partner I’d been asking for, who actually exceeded my wildest dreams, declared me his Beloved. There were some obstacles we had to overcome to be together physically, as it was a long-distance relationship and he had lots of ties to his place, but when Love shines her light, obstacles tend to melt away.

If you could travel back in time what would you do again?

I would not change a thing. Even my childhood sexual abuse. Every experience I had, and I had a really hard emotional life as a child, teenager, and young adult, led me to all that I am now. It was all in perfect divine order.

Have you at any point throughout your career trajectory had self-doubt?

Tons of times. Those years after breast cancer were the most significant. I kept having these ideas about what direction I might take my career. Previous to that I had been teaching Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing for women, but it was not very successful. I don’t think the world was quite ready. I let it all go with the diagnosis, and my physical healing was very fast, but it took me a few years to get my clarity and circle back to my true work. I just needed a big reboot.

In the meantime, I thought maybe I would be a graphic designer, a voice-over talent, a ghost writer, an editor, a marketing coach, or a breast cancer coach. None of them ever took off. Either that or I tried it and hated it.

How have you rallied through that?

I kept coming back to all the amazing tools I have. Embodiment. Breath. Aligning with my feminine energy. Trusting the process. Trusting divine order. Believing that my life has a greater purpose. It was well worth the wait.

Back to business, what are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them? 

Right now it’s all about getting the word out about our programs and filling them with women who are ready to go to the leading edge of personal growth, either for themselves or in order to teach others. I’ve got two vacation retreats to fill this year, one on Maui and one in Costa Rica, and our first Teacher Certification program starts this summer. I love them all, and it’s the Teacher Training that I’m super passionate about as that is what is going to get the Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing work spreading across the globe.

What does success look like in your eyes?

Success feels like women flocking to my programs, my work being in great demand, and people’s lives being transformed by my work. It’s such unique and leading-edge work, and it can feel scary for people to venture into such uncharted territory. But over and over, I witness lives and relationships so positively impacted by this work, my own included. Success looks like people across the planet opening to embrace their sexual wholeness.

What does it mean to you to truly #BEYOUROWN?

Claiming your voice and speaking your truth. Not letting other people’s judgments impact you, because there will always be judgments, especially when you speak your truth! Finding your passion and taking it forward, no matter what appears to stand in your way and without being fully “ready.” Take the leap! Knowing yourself as the eternal, divine being you already are. Living in integrity with yourself, because when you are in integrity with yourself, you will always be in integrity with others.

What else is on the horizon for 2018 for you?

2018 is all about stepping fully into my role as a new-paradigm feminine leader. What that means for me is that my leadership is a living example of open-heartedness, fearlessness, and truth-telling, with compassion and empathy, but without any need to please or care-take people.

It’s about lifting women up letting go of any last vestiges of competition. It’s about being true to myself and standing in my self-worth no matter how I’m judged, because I will most certainly be judged. It’s about being willing to lead a movement into a whole new energy on the planet, the energy of the New Sacred Feminine, where men and women and people of all genders are respected and honored for exactly who they are and where sexuality is a natural and beautiful part of our lives. It’s a big vision that’s been like a tight little rosebud that is now opening its petals and releasing its scent and colour and stunning us with its magnificence.



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