Andrea Nucci, also known as the ‘Warrior Goddess,’ through her own pain, health issues, mental problems, and physical injuries have discovered many health practices and life-changing habits both mentally and physically that have transformed her life. Andrea has been able to heal herself, transformed her health and created a healthy lifestyle filled with real joy and abundance. 

Through years of discovery, education, and training, Andrea followed her passion for my purpose in life of helping others to heal. In doing so she created Warrior Goddess Wellness- a business built to receive love and all natural healing. Through her teachings, coaching, and guidance, Andrea is on a mission to help people transform their health and life. The Warrior Goddess Way!

Hey Andrea, can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Andrea. I live in Toronto, ON Canada. I built and run my own business Warrior Goddess Wellness. Where I create Complete Wellness Programs for women with their health goals and aspirations in life in mind. Especially for those who are battling severe illness, disorders, and diseases. I teach my mind, body & soul natural healing health practices and exercises to guide women in healing their health and strengthen their own self-healing foundation. I believe when our ‘self’ is well and thriving everyone around us is too.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

From Pain to Power… Heal your Pain, Find your Joy… Action for Change… Look Within to Find your Joy… Heal through the Self… Live in the Present Moment… You Yourself are Complete… Know your Worth, You are Enough… Optimal Health = Success & Joy!

I say these kinds of statements a lot because it is the truth of my journey. And I know it is truth in healing, growing and living. I am a huge advocate of emotional healing because it was a large part of my healing journey from depression and illness to thriving in life.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My family moved to Toronto, Ontario when I was five years old. I grew up in a suburb of TO called Markham. Today I am forty-four years old and live on my own in the City of Toronto.

Most would say I grew up in a normal family, but what’s ‘normal’ and what family doesn’t have secrets. Especially when you grow up with the way to deal with emotions was to ignore them and pretend they didn’t exist, sweep all your problems under the rug and make sure everyone else thinks we are happy.

This is not to say there wasn’t good things and good times in my life. I really never was deprived of anything in the material world, I just wasn’t taught healthy coping mechanisms for emotional pain or stresses. I just know now that for the better part of the beginning of my life I was just numb. Going through the motions and desperately looking for things or people to make me happy.

What I didn’t know then was happiness doesn’t come from an outside source but is fully an inside job. And my inside job was going to take a lot of work and a lot of time and dedication.

The start of my turning point in life was at twenty-nine years old I had just been through a horrible breakup with a guy I lived with for three years. And in this breakup, I also lost my best friend of over twenty years. Both these people had gravely betrayed me.

As well, at that time some past childhood abusive traumas where starting to surface and haunt me every night. I needed to do something because I hated life!

I found a therapist that I felt safe and comfortable with and I also started training at a Martial Arts Academy call Kombat Arts. I didn’t know what to expect from either one of these new ventures but I can say both my therapist and my training saved my life.

I was in therapy for a good 6 to 7 years straight and then on and off for a few more. My time in therapy started me on my spiritual journey and where I learned many great health practices to cope with emotions and stresses, all natural with no pharmaceutical drugs. This is why I know for an absolute that you can heal disorders such as depression, OCD, anxiety etc. without medication.

Today it has been fifteen years that I have trained at Kombat Arts, where I worked through my anger, found my physical and mental strength, trained beyond the level that I thought I ever would and where I found a second home. My training is where I found the Powerful Warrior in me. Along with my interest in collecting knives and swords!

My years of training included; Muay Thai Kickboxing, Savate Boxe Francaise kickboxing, Boxing, Self Defense, Strength & Conditioning, MMA, Kali, I tried different Arts and dabbled here and there but my main dedication was to Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing. I would even go on to fight in the Amateur world of Muay Thai and Boxing. Did I ever think when I started that I would step into a ring and fight-definitely not! The learning growth I have taken from all the training and fights is invaluable to who I am today!

As well, all my training is what eventually got me started teaching. I started teaching Muay Thai Classes over seven years ago. I started out slow by assisting other Instructors and worked my way up and eventually started taking my certifications. Teaching these classes put me on my path to becoming a certified Instructor and Coach. And my path to starting Warrior Goddess Wellness.

With saying that it has been a slow hard process building Warrior Goddess Wellness, especially when I still had a full-time job. I had become a contract graphic designer, meaning I created a sole proprietorship business with my graphics. So I was running two Sole Proprietorship Businesses all on my own. If I didn’t find myself work I didn’t get paid.

Unfortunately, this took a toll on me and my health. Not to mention, at that time I was training in fighter camps to accept possible fights. Training in a fighter camp is a job all on its own. You are training a minimum six days a week 2-3 hours a day, including getting your runs in each week and maintaining your diet and nutrition. As well, I was usually the only girl in a fighter camp so I was training with guys who were mostly stronger and better than me. It definitely took a toll on my physical body. I was icing my body down all the time and usually still trained with slight injuries. I was just doing way too much for way too long but I was way too stubborn to listen, slow down or change!

It was only 4 years ago, that I was stressed, overworked, unhappy and I just didn’t want to get up in the morning. I was always tired. I struggled to find the energy to do everything I set out to do. This was from taking on too much in life, working too hard and not getting enough sleep. Essentially not taking care of myself. I cried a lot and felt alone in my struggles. I even felt like I was taken back to the sad, depressed me of my past.

It then only got worse when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May 2015. This threw me into the deep end and I started to drown. I didn’t want to live anymore, living was just too hard! I wanted to give up. I’m so blessed to have found a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Practitioner. Who believe saved my life, once again I found a woman, who I refer to as my Angel, saving my life but this time from Cancer.

Healing from cancer again set me on an even deeper spiritual and natural healing journey. I got rid of my cable TV and dedicated myself t researching about my cancer so I could save my own life. I knew there was more than what I was being told by the medical system. So after surgery to remove my tumor and 21 rounds of Radiation, I was done doing what the medical system wanted me to do. I just knew there was a better, safer way to continue to heal and prevent cancer from coming back. I had no interest in taking pharmaceutical drugs for the next ten to fifteen years of my life.

Not only did I continue to research and learn natural ways to heal cancer but my healing brought me to my path of Holistic Life & Wellness Coaching. While I only worked in the Graphic Design Industry, because of cancer I couldn’t be physical and teach and train students and clients like I had been. I now needed to heal myself. And in the process, I also became a certified holistic life & wellness coach. Which became the perfect Yin to the Yang I had already been building within Warrior Goddess Wellness.

Today the Services I offer are:

  • Health & Wellness Life Coaching.
  • Cancer Coaching Support.
  • Meditation Guidance.
  • Space & Personal Clearings.
  • EFT Tapping.
  • Natural Health Care, Home Cleaning Products & Personalized Healing Remedies using Essential Oils.
  • Self Defense Training.
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing.
  • Boxing Training.
  • Strength & Conditioning Training.
  • Weightlifting.


From what I offer I get to know my clients and create a Personalized Complete Wellness Program for them. And we work together in optimizing their health.

Here I am today the healthiest I have ever been. 3.5 years cancer free. Enjoying getting to aspire to inspire and educate people on how we can heal naturally the mind, body, and soul in any situation and how it is important to do it with guidance and support.

Today I can easily say that cancer was one of the best things that had happened to me, because without it I wouldn’t be who I am today and helping all the people I help. It is all in our perspective, how we see things and what they bring to our life. Are you going to take responsibility for your life no matter what? or are you going to blame the external world for all your problems? We do have a choice and I really just started to make way better ones. So what changed for me was taking control of my life and realising that I didn’t have to experience life the way that I had been living it, my key to health and happiness was change! Making a complete lifestyle change.

Change in mindset, change in health practices and exercise, change in knowledge and how I applied it all to the way I lived. Needless to say, life is definitely a roller coaster and it is up to you how you enjoy the ride!

My own life’s journey has taught me the importance of nurturing, healing, building and loving the ‘self.’ The importance of healing from within mind, body, and soul creating a healthy balanced life. All my teaching is through the ‘self’. This is what I bring to all of you, a safe loving environment to heal, learn and grow to living your best life.

“My Whole teaching is this; accept yourself, love yourself & celebrate yourself.”  — Osho

 What is a day in the life of you like?

Every day for me is different when it comes to what I will be doing for work but what is a constant every day is my morning, I take time for myself.

Once I get up I have a morning gratitude practice. Then an exercise plan for that day, like a yoga session, or strength session, or stretch session etc. What kind of exercise I do changes day to day but is scheduled in my calendar, so I do it! I eat breakfast and I put out positive intentions for the day with a prayer.

When it comes to working, every day is different. I could be coaching clients or meeting potential clients. Filming and editing videos. Following up with connections on social media and emails. Creating posts for my pages, keeping them active. Building new programs and products for online giveaways and sells. And so on. Every day I am doing something that builds my business.

I love that my days are diverse and can be busy but I don’t feel busy or overwhelmed. I am so grateful every day that I am my own boss and can organize and do what I want to do day in and day out.

How are your health programs guiding women to their complete wellness? 

By guiding women to themselves; mind, body, and soul. The most important person that women forget about nourishing and healing is themselves. The most powerful healing comes from finding the “love of self.” I can say for certainty, the life struggles and pain both mentally and physical people, especially women endure comes from the lack of self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence. Heal the ‘self’ in all these ways and watch how your life transforms! From pain to power to optimal health, joy, and abundance. From fear to love!

Can you tell us more about the Full Body Workout Programme?

For sure! My Online In-Home Full Body Program is all done from your home, only requires a small space and no equipment needed. My program is super easy to follow. It is a full body workout broken down into circuits.

  • Warm Up.
  • Conditioning Circuit.
  • Strength Circuit.
  • Core (abs) Circuit.
  • Cool Down.

Each circuit has 4 exercises and each is timed. Also includes a Warm Up With tips and Cool Down with tips. With a Beginner and Advanced level. The whole program is laid out in a PDF with video explanations and demos of every exercise.

You can do the whole program takes about an hour or break it down to 15/20 min circuits 3/6 times a week. You can break it down, however, suits you best. You download the whole Program to your computer or phone. If anyone is interested here is the link here.

Can you give us 3 useful tips to help us save our health?

Absolutely! I will break it down into the 3 parts of us I believe are the key to thriving in life.

  1. Mental: Our mental health runs the show, so to speak. Everyone should have a health practice they use in their life to calm the mind and keep you thinking positive thoughts. I recommend Mediation. And there are all different ways to meditate. Meditation practice is extremely beneficial. Watch how your life changes from chaos to calm.
  2. Physical: When it comes to your physical health most people think diet and exercise. Yes, absolutely true. This is a given and well known. But what isn’t as well known is how our emotions affect our physical health. Our physical health will deplete if we are holding on to negative toxic emotions, patterns and living a stressful life. Our emotions and lifestyle dictate how we show up in life as well as how we feel physically. The saying that… You can make yourself sick… is absolutely true. Our cells react to our emotional and metabolic state. For example one of the biggest culprits is stress. Living a high stressed life will lead to ailments, disorders, illness, and disease. To heal and have a way to recognize, accept and let go of negative emotion and trauma you need a health practice implemented in your life. I recommend EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  3. Spirit/Soul: Your soul is your ultimate guide in life. Your pure, innocent entity. I also always say. Everything you need is within you. All the answers and guidance is already there. It is understanding how to unlearn and clear away all the external garbage and baggage accumulated over the years to connect with your soul and to the source. Your soul is your ultimate support and guidance. I recommend Prayer. Finding faith in a Divine belief will guide you to your Divine self, your soul within.

Who does the team involve behind you?

I work with a digital marketing team called Travel Mindset Go. They have helped me build my online presence and online business platform and processes. An incredible team supporting and guiding me.

I am also a graphic design & production artist. I worked in the industry for over twenty years and now I create all my own graphics and have built my own brand.

Where can you see yourself within the next 3-5 years?

I would say in 5 years, I see myself traveling more, living a self-sustaining life on an Island by the ocean, thriving in Nature. While growing Warrior Goddess Wellness, guiding and supporting as many people to optimal health as possible.


What strategies do you have in place when looking at the expansion of Warrior Goddess Wellness?

My top 5 strategies:

  1. My constant passion to learn, heal and grow myself. Investing in myself.
  2. Continuing to seek and hire the support I need for my growing business.
  3. A vision board already full of intentions and ideas for products and the expansion of the Warrior Goddess Wellness online platform.
  4. Showing my vulnerabilities and sharing my struggles to connect personally with everyone.
  5. Opening my heart, mind, and space to guide people into healing themselves. Remembering I am a channel for the Divine’s messages, not someone that can fix people.

Can you tell us what areas you have struggled in professionally? 

I feel I have struggled the most professionally at the start, with building a business all on my own. I haven’t had a partner in life to lean on or many friends or family who could drive me towards my dreams, or a financial outlet to lean on. So I have been working 2 jobs ever since I started to build Warrior Goddess Wellness 7 years ago.

Job 1, Graphic Design & Production Artist and Job 2, Building Warrior Goddess Wellness.

Another difficult struggle was knowing that for my business to succeed and for my own well being, I had to fully put all my efforts into building my Warrior Goddess Wellness business. That meant letting go of my graphic design work, which I so desperately wanted to do because the advertising industry was killing my soul. But my graphics work was my main source of income. I had to jump through my fear of not knowing what was going to happen without that job that gave me security, I just had to Jump!

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I was able to acquire some financial support and it was only within this last year that I have been working with Travel Mindset, my Digital Marketing Team.

I believe all entrepreneurs will have to continue to jump through fears to own a thriving business or businesses. But it gets easier the more you do it. I can say, me Jumping was my biggest struggle but I can also say now, I wish I had Jumped sooner.

Have you ever had any other mentor? If so how has this benefitted you to grow?

 Yes, I have one mentor. Her name is Jo Anne Tudor, she has supported and guided me on my spiritual journey. Opening me up to a new way of life that I had no idea about. I had lost any hope of faith as a small child. And through many years of therapy I was able to find my way back and my path to spirituality. Once I was on this path I met Jo and she has since supported and guided me to the most incredible spiritual awakening. Forever changing who I am in life and as a coach. Jo is the one person I talk to with any struggles I have. She is the one person that will tell me what I don’t want to hear but I know I need to hear and deliver it with so much love.

What outlets do you use to market Warrior Goddess Wellness?

I use Social Media Platforms; Facebook and Instagram. Communicating through static and video posts, stories, IGTV and direct messaging. As well as my email connections, website, and product funnels. Along with collaborations with like-minded people and companies, podcast interviews, online discussions and word of mouth.

Which methods are you using to build your own support network?

Personal communication through social media platforms and tools. I reach out on the daily to people, groups and businesses I feel I could collaborate with, learn from, heal with, support and guide etc. This communication is not only through direct messaging but video messaging and online face to face meetings. I organically build my online support and following.

I keep my social media pages active daily and make sure I offer some great free value to all my followers and supporters. I have also been to many different kinds of business seminars and courses. Local and travelled to interacting in person with people who have similar aspirations and goals for themselves and business. Learning business strategies along the way. Being authentic and real with all my business dealings and every person I communicate with.

What do you believe are the common misconceptions about the wellness industry and how are you using your platform and voice to educate people more?

I feel the biggest misconception is that an external product or person is going to cure you, or fix you, or save you. I don’t believe it works that way. Yes, there are many natural products and supplements etc. that help in your healing. But true healing and wellness in life come from within.

The healing within is of the ‘self’ and being mindfulness of the negative or toxic contributing factors or patterns throughout your life that you have lived. Accepting what has happened and what is, to taking responsibility for your life’s circumstances and then taking action to change and heal. Adapting a positive perspective over a negative one, not just in your thinking but in your doing.

I feel all of this is getting missed. I am an advocate of natural ways of healing and living a more natural lifestyle and I’m using my platforms and voice by spreading my knowledge and know-how through my video postings, stories, client coaching, class instructing and group gatherings. My whole teaching is about healing and loving the “Self”. The rest comes easy!

No matter what anyone offers in the wellness industry, the only true healing occurs when a person is ready to heal their mental health, physical health and connect with the guidance of their soul’s energy.

What would you like to see changed for millennials working in the wellness field?

To be authentic in what they do and why they do it. Give up any gimmicks and doing anything to just make money. When you only do things for the money you are not serving yourself or anyone you claim to serve. Be patient and grow through the building process of their own lives and their job or business. Less quick fix gimmicks and more dedication and growth to the healing of the self!

I don’t feel you can be in the wellness field unless you have also dedicated yourself to it. I had a Martial Arts leader who would always say when teaching other instructors “don’t make anyone do anything you can’t do yourself.” I take that statement on, I practice what I preach. So I’m saying, you can’t preach wellness if you don’t practice it.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received to date?

Follow your intuition, your passion and your heart no matter what. When you do what you love you can love every day of your life.

What is the number 1 critical lesson you have learned in your career so far?

That your career shouldn’t make your life so hard. Life wasn’t meant to be hard, and it truly doesn’t have to be. If you are living a life that brings you struggles, pain and/or suffering. You are on the wrong path and need to make changes.

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

It took me a long time to find a balanced life. Where I wasn’t always working so hard and all the time. It really became easy to do once I made the jump to fully focusing on building Warrior Goddess Wellness and loved what I did every day. Life became easier and time opened up for me. So now simply put, I make sure I take time for myself and I take time for a social life. I choose to make time to live a life.

The highlight of your career so far?

My highlight is every time someone thanks me for what I do or have done for them. Celebrating their achievements and transformations to a healthier happier life.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

Knowing wholeheartedly that what I do makes a difference. Not only in my life but in so many others lives. It’s us humans that make the world go round so the healthier and happier we are the more we all, along with our planet will thrive!

What challenges have you seem to have been presented during the growth of Warrior Goddess Wellness?

  •  Lack of Financials
  • Time Management
  • Business Support
  • Self Worth
  • Facing Fears
  • Physical Injury
  • Health Issues

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

Oprah Winfrey because she comes from a traumatic past, building her life from pain to power. And she does it all with wisdom, compassion, and grace. While giving back. JK Rowling because she went from rock bottom to best selling author. And continued to build her empire from there. She gives back in so many ways while Inspiring people everywhere with her life’s struggles from pain to power.

Marianne Williamson because through her books and teachings she has inspired me to tap into a spiritual space when coaching, showing me the way to be a channel with no expectations or judgments but with openness to receive and give love.

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

The book I am just finishing up is called ‘Open Your Mind To Receive’ By Catherine Ponder. Excellent for showing you a different perspective on how to receive abundance in life.

It isn’t an article or book but I highly recommend a documentary that really should be seen by everyone. It is a nine Series documentary called ‘The Truth About Cancer’ by Ty Bollinger. Not only is this a mindblowing series about the life-threatening disease cancer, but that also seems to be touching everyone’s lives in one way or another. But it is a series that can educate you on natural ways of healing.

If anyone is interested you can go to https://go.thetruthaboutcancer.com

Top 3 go-to Podcast channels?

  1. Hay House Radio.’
  2. Abraham Hicks.
  3. ‘The Tapping Solution.’

How do you measure your own terms of success?

Living a healthy joyous life. However, that is for you! I don’t believe success comes from the money you make and how well known your company name is. It comes from living in optimal health with passion, living your purpose and choosing love to live a joyous life. I truly do believe that Optimal Health = Success & Joy.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

A collaboration of professional women bringing their own special uniqueness to the world! Spreading and inspiring positivity, wisdom and solidifying the power and presence of the woman, the feminine, the oracle to the divine!

Lastly, what is next for you?

What ever, and where ever I am guided towards by the Divine. I am open to receiving, living in the flow. Often times not planning or knowing what exactly is next but just being open to receive will put me on a path of miracles.

What I do know for sure is that Warrior Goddess Wellness will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. And I too will grow with it. Myself and my business are one. Just like we all are one!



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