Anne Del Velle has been helping tired families in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the United States to live rested since 2017. It is Anne’s passion to share the gift of sleep with the families everywhere with WeeSleep’s customised, hands on, gentle, and affordable approach to sleep coaching.

It is Anne’s goal to always educate and support parents throughout the process. Being a parent can be a tough job and with every family touched, they now have one less thing to worry about, and that’s sleep! WeeSleep offers virtual and in home services. It Anne’s belief that “rested babies make for rested parents.”

Can you take us through your background and share your journey that has ultimately brought you to where you are now with WeeSleep?

I have been a career woman for the past 10+ years, working in the Fashion industry in corporate retail. While I always loved and had a passion for my work, I always knew that starting a family would cause a shift in my priorities. I was lucky to take a lengthy maternity leave when my son was born, but it was no vacation. I was quickly in the thick of newborn exhaustion and learning to breastfeed. I was so madly in love with my new son, but being sleep deprived was tough. I feel as though WeeSleep found me. A close friend came to visit and told me the story of working with WeeSleep to help her child finally learn to sleep. I had never heard of a Sleep Consultant prior and I was instantly intrigued. I reached out for help with my son, which turned into interviewing and going through the training process to become a consultant myself.

I had found a new passion!  Luckily, son was my first client, and it was life changing for my husband and I to get him sleeping independently, in his own crib, and on a great schedule. With his new found rest, he changed from being constantly fussy to happy and calm. Now, a year and half later and looking back on the dozens of families I’ve had the pleasure of working with and have so much gratitude and pride.

I absolutely love connecting with parents, letting them know they are not alone as I too was there, and can offer them help to experience the same. WeeSleep also lead me to leaving my corporate job which allows me to focus on being a Mom as well as growing and achieving new goals as an Infant and toddler sleep consultant.

Can you cover some of the aspects of the Wee Sleep brand DNA and ethos that some people don’t understand?

I was instantly attracted to WeeSleep and all things brand related. From the owner (Janey Reilly) to the team support, the approach, and ultimately the real results. But, the common misconception is that sleep training = crying it out, and the blessing is that our WeeSleep approach is gentle and hands on, and so much more. When you can approach Sleep looking at all factors that affect the child, you can teach them the skill of sleeping independently while still offering comfort and support, which really helps to reduce child and parent stresses.

What you offering to the market with Wee Sleep, that your other competitors aren’t?

WeeSleep is customised, and that customisation comes in 2 forms. One, I am creating a sleep plan and guide that is child and family specific. We know that no two families are alike. Secondly, I get to coach parents every step of the way to ensure that a child will have success. Often times, you just can’t get that support and guidance from other resources.

Where can you see yourself within the next 5 years and how are you looking to expand the development of Wee Sleep?

It makes me so excited to think about how many families I will have helped in the next 5 years. In addition, I plan to grow Anne Del Valle as a brand within that, I plan to continue speaking at events, continuing to spread awareness around healthy sleep education so that all moms know that help is an option. I look forward to my growth as a mompreneur and a Sleep consultant!

What outlets do use to promote WeeSleep?

Social Media (Instagram & Facebook), local mother’s groups, networking events, partnering with local businesses, baby stores, speaking at mother’s groups, recently attended a Big City Moms event in Los Angeles where I exhibited and spoke on a Health & Wellness baby panel, I will also be speaking at another here in San Francisco in the fall.

What challenges have you seen to have been presented on a daily basis during the growth of Wee Sleep?

I think with every new business or new venture, there is a learning curve as well as growing pains. I hold high standards for myself, so of course, once I started I wanted to be the best consultant I could be, which meant lots of educating and working through mistakes.

Other challenges including, learning how to brand myself, the fears of putting myself out there to meet moms that need help, understanding and learning how social media is connected to business, etc. But, that is the beauty of growth, we are forever learning and those challenges are exciting to me. I do not grow as a woman when I am comfortable, but when I have goals and something is new, I am striving to be better!

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

My favourites! Kelly Leveque, Ayesha Curry and Rachel Hollis – they are all unapologetically themselves and they are mothers. They are not only relatable, but their energy is positive, honest, and strong! All things I love, admire, look up to and relate to!

How do you define your own success? 

Staying true to myself as a woman, being happy, challenging myself while achieving goals and being the best mother and wife I can be! Failure to me is not trying, but success is going all in!

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you? 

I have always had an internal strength and many passions. I thankfully was never one to be pressured or felt like I couldn’t be myself, but life is a journey. What I know to be true is the only way I can truly live my best life is to always make choices and choose paths that are genuinely me. I believe that you have to be happy with what you have in the now all while working towards the happiness of your future, for me that’s #BEYOUROWN.

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019? Growth (personal and business)

I am so excited for this year! New partnerships, continuing to create a professional presence on social media while growing my audience, attending and speaking at events, launching a website focusing on my passions~ Sleep, Mom Life, and Food!. Personally, I will be 35 this year, and especially being a Mom of a toddler, my health is always of importance, so 2019 for me is about creating healthy habits and balanced lifestyle for myself and my family.




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