Beverley Ross is an internationally certified life coach and an affiliate for Beautiful You Coaching Academy. She is passionate about supporting people who are ready to change their mindset and allow a place in their lives for well-being and self-care. She helps her clients release their consuming thoughts such as ‘I can’t find time for myself’ and ‘I feel guilty/selfish if I do’ by encouraging them to dig deep and find the tools they need and take action to become mentally, emotionally and physically complete whilst living an energised and balanced life.

Beverley has first-hand knowledge of the feeling of overwhelm and burnout after a 19-year career as a senior manager in the corporate world, where she threw herself and her health into her job, returning home to her husband and a young family with little or no energy to enjoy her personal life. She has used this wealth of knowledge and her own experience of eradicating the unhealthy way of existing in her own transformation from the corporate world into the wellness arena and wants to share this with everyone who would benefit.

She has always motivated and encouraged others and now supports her clients to remove themselves from the rat race and expectations society puts on them. Explore what really makes them happy and learn to prioritise themselves, their self-care and stop neglecting the things that really matter.

After working with Beverley, her clients say they developed constructive actions which allowed them to achieve and maintain their goals.  Her clients feel healthier, grounded, reconnected and in love with their lives again.

Beverley is also a qualified children’s yoga teacher with a passion for movement and mindfulness, advocate for mental health awareness and a believer of our mind/body connection and the role it plays in us living more energised and balanced lives. One of her goals is to encourage our younger generation to know and understand their own minds. If you’d love to begin (or dive deeper into) your journey of wellbeing and maximise your mindset, you can get in touch with Beverley on her website and join her on her social media sites.

It is great to have you with us, Beverley! Can you tell us a little bit about your story as a wellbeing and mindset life coach?

It is great to be here, and I am honoured to be asked to share my story. I am a girl from a small town called Barrow in Furness, who had a big dream and followed it.

I worked in the corporate world for two decades as a senior manager, leading over 100 people and for a very long time, it was my dream job. It was a great achievement for someone who left school and started work straight away, no college or university for me. Within the time I was in this role, I got married, became a Mum to 2 beautiful boys and then a few years ago my world imploded when my Mum suddenly passed away which triggered my process to think about what I really wanted from life. It was clear to those close to me that my health was suffering, and I needed something to change.

On the surface I had it all, 3 holidays a year, a beautiful home, loving family and a wardrobe bursting at the seams with every piece of clothing you could want but I didn’t feel fulfilled and I definitely didn’t have the energy to enjoy the life I had created and had no time to look after my own needs properly. I was suffering from being overwhelmed and was constantly burnt out but struggled to see how I could change this as I had a job that paid good money and if I’m honest I didn’t feel I could easily step away from.

Early in 2019 redundancies occurred, and I believe this was the universe giving me a nudge to start a new phase in my life and do something I had longed to do.  This was my opportunity to train as a life coach and children’s yoga teacher, I grabbed it by the horns and have never looked back.

My journey to becoming a coach and yoga teacher has given me a greater purpose and a feeling of finally living a fulfilled, ridiculously happy and healthy life. I get to plan my own diary, allowing me time for self-care and I also get to spend quality time with my family. I knew I wanted my business to offer an array of options for wellness and therefore named it The Wellness Lioness rather than simply Beverley Ross, Life coach – I believe the Lioness represents me in my business as I am passionate, strong and courageous, (I also resemble her when I leave my hair to dry naturally) and the wellness element is hopefully obvious!


The Wellness Lioness’s mission is to support your clients throughout their journey to achieve amazing things. Can you explore how you are doing that through your work that you offer?

I offer heart-centred one to one (1:1) coaching sessions over a 3-month period to people around the world. The initial step is to have a discovery call with me to explore their wants and needs and see if I’m the right coach for them if so, this leads into 6 bi-weekly sessions where goals are set and actions agreed to help remove any areas where they are feeling stuck and then gain support and guidance to move forward and achieve their dream goals. In between the session, I am available via email and Voxer (a free voice drop in-app) where I am there to make sure my fabulous clients feel not only supported throughout their journey but remember to celebrate and congratulate themselves for what they are achieving.

When my clients dig deep, they have ‘Aha’ moments which leads them onto amazing things and lifelong changes.  The goals that are set are their own words and they then own their actions; this journey leads to achieving things they never thought were possible.  This is a beautiful and rewarding experience and for most clients, a real eye-opener into what they can do, feel and achieve in their life.

The blogs on my website and social media fall within one of four topics – Mindset, Well-being, Relationships and General Life.  I have received wonderful feedback from the blogs where people tell me they are very relatable and provides easy to follow tips which they can then implement in their lives.  I am so passionate about helping others through sharing my own experiences and my approach is always to be authentic, warts and all.

I also have a monthly motivation newsletter where I drop into people’s inboxes sharing ‘a spoonful of positivity’ aka self-care, self-love, general wellbeing and mindset articles and top tips.

Can you explain the team working alongside you for The Wellness Lioness?

I am a solopreneur however behind the scenes my husband and two boys (aged 8 and 12) are my sounding board. My ideas are run by them first and they were involved in choosing my logo and branding. The gold heart represents my big sparkly heart and the white feather is symbolic to my Mum as we believe that ‘when feathers appear angels are near’.  The children were in the video I had to submit to qualify as a children’s yoga teacher – they are my biggest supporters and the best team I have ever worked with.

As a solopreneur I don’t have a day to day team, but I have had support, working with a graphic designer, website developer, business coach, photographer and am seeing how incredible the results of investing in this support is.


What platforms are you using for marketing tools?

I am growing my audience through Social media mainly, Instagram and Facebook. I am self-taught in this area so every day I learn something new. My website was created with me wearing my heart on my sleeve and I really hope people land on my page and experience that and love it as much as I do.  My website hosts my current coaching programs, blogs and option to join my newsletter list.

Do you currently use any apps or tools to help the functionality of your business practice?

Yes, my booking system is through Acuity, website platform is square space, mail chimp generates and supports my emails and newsletters.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

Michelle Obama is at the top of my list currently.  For me, she is an inspirational woman with strong values, who has had to overcome so many things in her life and has succeeded.  She openly talks about the issues she has been faced with and how being a Mum is the most important role she will ever have, some women in power wouldn’t be comfortable admitting this.  She doesn’t say what is always expected and remains true to herself and her beliefs. When she talks about being overloaded as a Mum, wife to the President of the United States of America and having her own career to deliver on,  I want to reach out and tell her I honestly don’t know how she got through it, but then I think to wait a minute, it’s all about your mindset and this makes me smile.

The best lesson learnt throughout the business building so far?

Ah, there are so many but the main one is to always stay true to yourself and your own story. Don’t compare yourself or try to morph into someone you are not. The person you compare to may have a completely different vision or set up to you, equally they could be further along the line in their career, so just be you and follow your heart (and gut).

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

BEYOUROWN has so many meanings to me.  As a businesswoman, it means #BEYOUROWN self, boss, time allocator, agenda-setter and predominantly company as I work alone so at times I have meetings and lunch dates with myself (I’m thinking of what my Christmas party will entail this year and how good my own company will be).

On a personal level #BEYOUROWN screams to me best friend as I feel I give amazing advice to my friends but am so hard on myself, therefore, I need to be my own best friend.  Sometimes it’s the inner chatter that doesn’t allow me to take on board that its ok to make mistakes whilst other times I slip back into society’s expectations of who I should be. #BEYOUROWN version of myself, Mum, wife, daughter, sister and friend is also something I feel really strongly about. I am unique and don’t need to conform to what these roles say I should be. I have found over the last year that I am happy with who I am and don’t want to change that.

What does 2020 look like for you?

Exciting and free! 2019 was all about moving away from the life I didn’t want to be in and throwing myself (very gently) into studying and gaining the qualification I needed in the arenas I love.  Launching my website was a biggie too. So, 2020 fills me with light knowing that I can get out into the world and show up as me, ready to support and work with fabulous people who are ready to make changes in their lives.

I hope to grow my coaching business, so I have a client in places I have never visited, I want my business to be enjoyed and experienced globally. If I allow myself to think big, I eventually want to feature in magazines, radio and participate / host well-being events such as yoga retreats.  Actually, let’s say I will do this as I believe positive thinking and visualising will help me achieve this.

I start a 200-hour yoga training course for adults in January 2020 and my husband is joining me on this journey which fills me with joy. I am looking at several options to get children onto the yoga mat.

Personally, I want to practice what I preach and ensure I have time for my beautiful boys, husband, family and friends. 2020 if offering me a fulfilled but balanced life – I could cry with happiness as I say this.

Anyone wishing to train as a Life Coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy can also work with me at no additional cost to the course fee if they sign up through my affiliate link (available on my website from January 2020). This will ensure they get to work directly with me as their coach in my 3 months 1:1 coaching package.



Instagram: @thewellnesslioness

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thewellnesslioness

Website: https://thewellnesslioness.com


Image taken by Becky Lauren Photography

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