Brianna Monet is a mother, business coach, dance studio owner, podcast host, and nurse by trade. Brianna represents All Things B! Business. Balance. Becoming and helps new entrepreneurs turn their purpose into coins through her one on one All Things B! coaching program, clarity session, and new mentorship program coming soon. With a goal to help women set the foundation for their businesses, Brianna assists them with achieving their purpose in business whilst making both impact and income. 

Welcome Brianna, what does your career overview look like?

My career overview started out very complicated as many may know already as kids we have dreams of becoming something when we grow up. Well for me it was a teacher. I always had a niche for encouraging others and providing sound advice so I thought this would be a great career. However, as time went on I found that in my senior year of high school I wanted to become a nurse because the healthcare field was very interesting, to say the least. I graduated high school as a CNA (Certified nursing assistant) and went to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to pursue my major in Human Ecology with a concentration of nutrition.

Unfortunately, the university I attended did not have a nursing program at the time so I had to major in something that was close to it. After completing two years at UMES I transferred to a university in Fayetteville NC where I studied nursing. This was my first time away from home and I was very homesick and unsuccessful in my courses because I just was not focused. I got very discouraged, moved back home and changed my major to Early Childhood Education while attending Salisbury University. During my second semester there I found out I was pregnant with my son and at the same time losing my grandmother to ovarian cancer. I knew more than anyone else that my grandmother wanted me to finish school and follow my goals, so with that being said when my son was 6 months old I went back to school to become a nurse. I still felt like something was missing like I was not fulfilling my purpose but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Right after nursing school I started my business BriannaMonet Consulting LLC I noticed that I was really great at professional development such as creating resumes, cover letters, organisation, turning ideas into businesses, and creating business plans. I started out doing these things for free for classmates, family members, and friends. I basically taught myself everything I needed to know to get started and researched what typically should be included in a business plan.

But like any new entrepreneur my business model and messaging was all over the place and my marketing was not the best. To make the long story short, after about a year and a half in business I started investing in working with some great brand/business coaches. I was able to turn my purpose into coins! While still working as a nurse I felt unhappy because I knew my purpose would cause me to become an entrepreneur but of course I sometimes wanted to rush my process instead of learning what I needed to learn in the season I was in. With that being said I felt becoming a nurse, single mother, and losing my grandmother played a huge part in my business as of today. I started out confused and all over the place but now it is very clear what my message is just through my life experiences. After all that I learned while working in Corporate America, I knew that my business model needed to shift. Hence, now I work with entrepreneurial women who find themselves stuck in the beginning phases of starting their businesses and those who work 9-5’s but they know there is something calling them to entrepreneurship. I enjoy business planning and providing knowledgeable information to my clients to help them get started and launch their businesses. So yes, I know that was a lot but I feel as though I am still learning and each year in business gets better with the more I learn.

How are you helping those women who are currently transforming their lives and on the road to fulfilling their purpose through business?

I am currently helping women 1. through my podcast WomenTransformed which is available on all streaming platforms. There I talk more about my walk as a believer and I focus more on encouragement, balance, or just becoming the woman God has called you to be rather that includes your business or personal life. Secondly, I also help women through my coaching programs that I offer at BMC I want my clients to leave with clarity, confidence, and knowledge on setting the proper foundation for their business. I provide accountability, workbooks, and live coaching sessions.

Do you use any particular software or apps to increase efficiency within BriannaMonet Consultancy Ltd?

Yes! I use some amazing software and my favourites are those where you can set up automation because I am still working as a nurse during the pandemic and a single mother I need all the help I can get! One system in particular I use which helps me keep all of my client information in one place, I can set up workflows, contracts, and my clients even have their own portals where they can access any information that we have discussed rather it’s our recorded one on one calls or any homework assignments I have assigned for accountability.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your coaching programs, clarity sessions, and your latest mentorship program that you have introduced?

Sure, so my new coaching program is the All Things B! which is a 12 week 4 stage one on one program that is for new entrepreneurs who are ready to start and launch their businesses but do not know how or where to begin. Each week contains a homework assignment post-coaching call. As stated previously after completing this program my clients will leave with clarity, confidence, and knowledge. Some of the things we discuss during the 12 weeks are:

+ Mindset

+ Goal Setting

+ How to find balance in business and personal life

+ Registering your business, obtain EIN and open Business bank account

+ Budgeting

+ Pricing/Marketing Strategies

+ Plus many more

My Clarity Sessions are a one time 60-minute call via zoom where the client and I will discuss a particular topic of the client’s choice. It’s basically there for you to pick my brain and get as much info as you can. Lastly, my newest program is Purposed for Business Academy (coming soon) this is an 8-week group mentorship program that assists women whose purpose has called them to entrepreneurship. This program will not only help you tap more into your purpose but will also help you gain clarity on your purpose, confidence in your business ideas, and transformation in your business thinking. Rather you still work a 9-5 that may not be fulfilling to you, this program is still right for you because here you will learn how to turn your purpose into coins while making an impact and income.

How have you been professionally challenged since launching BriannaMonet Consultancy Ltd, and how did you overcome the barrier?

The most challenging part of launching was my start-up phase which in turn helped me master my business model and messaging. However, the big one was fear of really putting myself and business out there. Feeling like no one cared or would be intrigued by what I had to offer. I overcame this by 1. lots of prayer lol, 2. I learned from some of the most amazing women who coached me who have been entrepreneurs for a long time. Knowing that most of them suffered the same thing I felt but continued to push through and now seeing success helped me to also push through in spite of my fears. I think one of the most paralysing concepts when starting a business is that fear can really keep you stagnant but if you focus on the fear you will never see the prosperity in yourself and your business. That’s why in any of my coaching programs the very first thing I teach is Mindset!

What has been a seminal moment in your career so far?

The most seminal moment in my career was securing my first client. I hosted my very first live webinar training on mindset as a marketing strategy. Of course, I was nervous because I wanted to make sure that my topics provided valuable information. I had a good number of people sign up however only one showed up but guess what the show must go on right?! After the webinar was over of course I presented an opportunity to work with me and guess what? That one person invested in me and is STILL investing in me as of today. That moment is seminal because it taught me that in the beginning phases of your business things may work out as you envision at first but it doesn’t mean what you have to offer is not valuable. All I could think was if I just decided to call off the webinar because everyone didn’t show up honestly if I did that I would not be doing this interview today. That moment was humbling and built my confidence within my business. Of course, since then my audience has grown but think about what would have happened if I gave up because the number of attendees didn’t look the way I thought it would. It reminded me that what I have is needed and will help others who may be struggling in the same areas of their business.

Most valuable business lesson learnt?

My most valuable business lesson is probably perseverance this may not be your typical answer. Perseverance is so important in business especially when you are in your launching phase. I think people miss that starting/launching a business takes time; it is not an overnight process. You will have days & nights where you just want to give up, throw in the towel, or even feel like entrepreneurship is not for you. However, yes it’s not for everyone but those who persevere through the rough parts will reap the benefits of their sacrifices.

What 3 key traits make an excellent leader?

Authenticity, patience, and leading by example.

Lastly, what can expect to see from you in 2021?

Well, I have some speaking engagements lined up the first part of the new year, season two of my podcast WomenTransformed will be available and launching my mentorship program Purposed for Business Academy.



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