Meet Carly Rose Zimbone whose goal is for you to explore her website as an outlet & discover ways to create an enriched lifestyle filled with unforgettable experiences. Her journey began in the beautiful city of Boston, Massachusetts & has since led her to a life of passionate travel between Boston, MA & Tampa, FL. Presently, as a AASDN certified Nutrition Specialist in the state of Florida as well as a passionate lifestyle blogger. Carly has always practiced an ‘always be learning mentality,’ which has enabled her to gain deep insights at a very young age.

After quickly discovering that we as individuals undergo experiences that shape them each & every day & that it is our job to be a source of advice or a listener to anyone & everyone that you cross paths with…you never know the impact you might leave upon someone. Sometimes we, as humans feel that these experiences are negative. We feel lost and alone in this big world. However, the beautiful thing is that we have the POWER to dig deep and find that lesson. Once we find that lesson we can learn from it and run with it into a future filled with endless opportunity. This flips that negative experience into a positive light that shapes us for the better. This is a lesson Carly learned that would like to share with all of us.

Hey Carly, thank you for interviewing with us. Firstly, can you tell us about yourself? 

My name is Carly, I am someone that thrives off positive energy and passionate connections. Throughout my life, I have always been fascinated with the link between passion/potential and how these aspects have the power to positively impact one’s life. Growing up, my parents were hard-working which challenged me to value independence from the start. I fell in love with competitive sports and pushing my limits with fitness. My passions evolved to pushing myself to create connections and deepen my knowledge in school. I fell in love with stepping outside of my comfort zone because I realised that moments of uncertainty were opportunities in disguise. I challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone by showing up to that interview I was nervous for, traveling to a new destination, learning about different perspectives and trying new things.

This mindset is the driving force behind my journey; creating moments of happiness, purpose and passion. A balanced energy that enables me to discover newfound passions, meet incredible people and do what I love every day. Of course, there are days where I am uncertain about my path in life because that’s life and I am human…but when I focus on my gratitude for anything, well I cannot help but smile and motivation follows thereafter.

How did TheEmpowerist come about?

Throughout the course of my life, I have always practiced a positive mindset. Positivity enables me to find the lesson in every circumstance and consistently grow. When I was applying to colleges, there was one college that I envisioned to be the next chapter of my story. I applied to pursue my degree in business, however I was not accepted. Instead of reacting with negativity, I was empowered to see if there was another chance to define my worth. The opportunity to appeal my decision for reconsideration was an possibility, so I wrote an email that included my vision at the school as well as how my past experiences impacted my life. One quote from my letter of reconsideration really stands out, “With tenacity a lot of hard work and determination anything is possible.”  One week later, I received news that would change the game for me in going forward…my decision was reversed and I was accepted. It was at this very point in my journey that I realised that we are 100% in charge of our journey’s, actions and outcomes in life. I sum this up as limitless potential, an empowering approach to discovering life-long empowerment.

This mindset inspires me, and I want to spread this approach to other’s so they can experience life-long empowerment to create the life they dream of. When I began my journey in college, I was consistently empowered to be the best version of myself. I focused on harmonising my life and aligning my priorities. Moving 1,300 miles away from home was a big change and I was ready to thrive. I discovered a routine that worked for me and evolved this routine to positively complement my lifestyle as my goals and schedule changed over time. I focused on nourishing my body right and learned how to cook. Cooking was a newfound passion, I fell in love with the customisation aspect. For me, cooking a beautiful meal and trying new things is like the spice of life. Trying new things in cooking and in life has the power to positively transform any moment. My passion for cooking and nourishment evolved and I began posting my recipes.

Thereafter, I created TheEmpowerist so that I could share authentic stories, delicious recipes, and build beautiful connections all around the world. My logo is a compass that indicates that no direction in life is the wrong direction, as long as you make the choice to grow through what you go through and find the lesson.

How does your day usually start and how does it finish?

My day begins with a warm class of lemon water, followed by a cup of coffee and a nourishing breakfast. Thereafter, I will write “Today’s Gratitude” and “Today’s Intention” on a sticky on my desktop. This moment allows me to begin each day with a beautiful mindset and be the best version of myself.

My day typically ends with lighting a candle, listening to music and creating a beautiful meal to nourish my body.

TheEmpowerist is a lifestyle blog resource for a community of ambitious individuals who strive to live balanced, how are you intending to use your platform to help others?

TheEmpowerist mission strives to help others discover their version of balance in life so that they can experience life-long empowerment. TheEmpowerist believes that if one harmonises self-empowerment, gratitude, fitness, nourishment and travel they will experience their best life. My version of balance is different from someone else’s, but what it really comes down to is having an awareness of what priorities will enable you to be the best version of yourself. And if you are not experiencing a balanced life, you must change something to get to where you want to be. The motto TheEmpowerist spreads is: Be Empowered, Be Aware, Feel Alive.

Where can you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

In the next 3-5 years, I see myself expanding my knowledge and providing value to another company all while empowering others to create their best life through the foundations of TheEmpowerist. I hope to empower other small businesses to tap into its potential and inspire others to create the life of their dreams. Ultimately, I want to leave a positive impact and provide value wherever I am. There is no true blue print, I just strive to show up and be the best that I can be every day.

If you had to share with us one solid piece of advice on how to #BEYOUROWN, what would you tell us?

Find what makes you feel alive and run with it!



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