Doctor Chante Pantila is a trauma and attachment therapist who is committed to helping people heal. Chante specialised in using EMDR Therapy to help people meet their therapeutic goals, and since true healing is possible, it is undoubtedly exciting for people to heal. Chante provides an authentic approach to therapy in order to help my patients to be vulnerable and connect. By remaining passionate about what she does, Chante looks forward to expanding her knowledge and expertise, along with personal growth, as this is something she also hopes for her patients as well.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is a type of psychotherapy that addresses experiences in your past that have prevented you from moving forward and helps you heal and clear out the disturbance related to these memories. EMDR therapy allows you to choose how you would like to respond to things, instead of just reacting.

What was the catalyse behind launching Creating Changes Counseling?

I wanted to create a practice where creating change was possible, healing ispossible. I chose this name for my business because I wanted something inspirational and a name that displays what we actual do in therapy, we create change. I recently opened an office that is a beautiful space for healing. I am very excited about the office as it is a representation of who I am as a person, in an office. Everything is intentional, I created the art on the walls that have people who look like me and represent the fight for minority rights, I have a waiting area that looks like your living room at home, and a kitchen area that is stocked with refreshments and invites connection. I am good at making others feel comfortable and I wanted the space to reflect this same open energy.

What is a typical day like for you as a founding therapist at the moment

First off, I work too much and I am working towards balance… That being said, I wake up around 7:30am, earlier if I want to exercise before work. I get to the office just before my first appointment at 9am. I see patients on the hour. I schedule in a lunch and try to refrain from working during this time because self-care is so important. I need the break to be able to show up for my clients. I see patients until 7pm on some days and I have been trying to schedule (and keep) breaks in the afternoon. I am currently working on shortening my day to achieve the balance I am looking for, I am a work in progress. After work, I continue to do work that is not directly patient related; notes, requests, marketing, and networking things that my business requires. I get dinner in and exercise if I didn’t complete it in the morning. I also try my best to be in bed before midnight each night.

Who is the most influential female entrepreneur that you admire and why?

 I admire Beyoncé for so many reasons. I once saw an interview where she discussed building her brand and denied turning down opportunities. I believe that if people are seeking therapeutic help, I want to honor their journey.  Beyoncé never said no and I work hard at being open, along with having healthy boundaries.

What solid words advice can you offer to others who are looking to launch a business in the counseling space?

 Success is possible! Don’t let others define you and tell you who you should be or who society makes us out to be. I am proof that people can accomplish anything the set their minds to, show this world who you are.

What has been the most challenging yet rewarding barrier you faced and how did overcome it whilst building Creating Changes Counseling?

I have faced many challenges while establishing my practice and the biggest challenge was opening my office during a pandemic. Literally, my blood, sweat, and tears went into every part of it. Although it wasn’t the major changes, it was the little things that affected me, like being vulnerable and asking for help, depending on others, and allowing things to work themselves out. Being able to depend on others is the biggest lesson I learned throughout this process, it’s pretty amazing when you are able to let others show up for you.

Which 3 marketing tools are you currently using and do how they support your every day business functionality? 

I am using a couple of ads to help me market, I am big on connecting with other therapists and facilities in the valley, but my favorite way to market is Instagram. I love social media as a way to educate the masses and I am continuing to learn about content and how to reach people in a matter of seconds of scrolling through feeds. Instagram has been a way for me to show up for my followers and be even more transparent for my followers.

How are you working on your own personal development?

I want to learn as much as possible about all things. I plan to take more trainings, which even though work related definitely help me grow. I  plan to read more books this year. I have so many audibles that I need to catch up on… I also plan to work on my public speaking skills. Quarantine kept me from working on my public speaking and I am hopeful that I will get more practice in this year. I also want to work on my physical health and wellness, I have been increasing my workouts and diet to match with the growth I am enveloped in currently.

How have you navigated around COVID-19 and how has it impacted you professionally?

COVID-19 came with so many learning opportunities for 2020. We transitioned to telehealth in the beginning and it was an adjustment for all of us. I had to find creative ways to deliver what I do in person and I think it helped to create a stronger connection with some clients. I had to work harder to be attuned and creating the same healing space. I now offer both in person and telehealth sessions and I am seeing progress in both deliveries of therapy.

How are you looking to scale and grow Creating Changes Counseling throughout 2021?

I have recently decided to add more consultation and supervision to my practice, along with seeing patients. I love direct care and seeing patients heal and I wanted to help other therapists do the same for themselves and the clients they serve. I want to help people on higher level of case conceptualisation.


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