We Run the World female DJ agency is London’s number 1 professional first all-female DJ agency in the world. Founder China L’One supplies some of the world’s most talented and fresh female DJs to corporate clients, hotels, clubs, festivals, and bars to enhance and make the best of their specific event in the UK and around the world.

China notes that her main aim is to be able to provide a top-class service to their clients, whilst raising each of their female DJ’s profile around the- world and breaking into a male-dominated industry. 

By delivering both professional and exceptional service, this has enabled the business’s overall growth significantly over the years, thus priding themselves in working with top companies within various market sectors. We talk to China briefly to outline her background and why she chose to keep We Run The World female-centric.


Thank you for joining us China, can you tell us a little bit about your background story and how it reflects who you are and what you do today?

I am born in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I came to the UK at the age of 13 to join my Mother. At the age of 14, my mother was diagnosed with mental health issued and I also suffered from stammering. My mother’s illness helped me to be very patient, understanding and compassionate and to show empathy to others.

Struggling with my stammering, helped me to become a fighter, someone who wants to win and never to give up in life.  At 16, I thought my life was over because I could not speak like everyone else confidently, but that lead me to get into personal development. Reading loads and loads of personal development books made me realise that I now wanted to help others less fortunate or as confident than I was.

In 2001, I created my first enterprise called Raw Talent.   This helped young people to build their confidence in performing Art. I was recognised by both Prince’s trust and the RSA for giving the younger generation a platform to build their confidence and talents. 

I believe my purpose in life is to help other people and that in turn helps me to grow and to work on being a better version of myself so that I can then continue to help others effectively.

Growing up in Sierra Leone has helped me to be grateful for everything I have and to be content and happy for who and what I am, no matter what. 


We Run the World is London’s number 1 professional first all-female DJ agency in the world, what was the incentive behind the launch and why did you decide to keep it female-centric?

The concept was to create an all-female DJ agency, to raise the awareness for female DJs nationally and internationally. I have been DJing since 2000 and I noticed that Female DJs were not getting much attention or recognition unless you were on a commercial radio station, TV or working with big brands.

I wanted to create a platform for independent female DJ’s who just like me, wanted to DJ for a living but were struggling because they were not known, which can make it incredibly hard to work with big brands.

You work with top premier female DJs and promising female DJs that know how to read a crowd and deliver a superb performance no matter the occasion or event. Who is the most influential female DJ that you admire and why?

I am blessed to come across some extremely talented and creative female DJs. However, one of our female DJs from We Run the World Female DJ Agency is DJ ReRe from Miami.  She really impresses me a lot. She is super talented, full of energy and so humble and down to earth.

She went to represent us in Mexico Cancun this New Year’s Eve alongside a male DJ. Our client said, the male DJ was very impressed by how talented she was, she has the whole package, with also being great on the microphone too. Being with the agency for almost over 5 years now, I have watched her grow better each year. For me that’s impressive.



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