Christie Love is a transformational trainer, confidence coach, speaker, and podcast host, who is totally committed to helping you level up your success as a professional and leader. Christie works with professionals and business owners to help them gain confidence when it comes to speaking in front of an audience. Her aim to help transform you from having stage fright and camera shyness to becoming a better connector and communicator by unleashing your unique voice and showing you how to captivate an audience. 

Can you talk to us about your career trajectory and how it has led you to where you are today as a transformational trainer and confidence coach?

I spent far too much time in my life and career allowing limiting beliefs to hold me back. I didn’t feel “good enough” to speak with high-powered business owners. I was the one sitting in the back of the room, avoiding others at all costs. I didn’t want to be seen or be heard. 

I suffered from glossophobia, which is essentially stage fright. It’s the fear of speaking in public. It took a lot before I finally acknowledged that I had a problem. I decided to do something about it, so I joined Toastmasters International. At first, it was the most frightening experience of my life, but I kept going back and doing it, again and again. It gave me the training I needed to become a public speaker, and I went on to mentor hundreds of people during my 17 years as a member. Toastmasters truly helped me to get over my fear of speaking and social environments. 

Now, I coach others in my own business, Be Seen Be Loved. After my clients work with me for about three months and compare themselves to the time they first started their speech coaching sessions, they can see a huge transformation in their confidence levels. That is so rewarding to me! The key to becoming a better speaker and gaining more confidence is to stay committed and practice your skills every single day. I’ve done it and so have others I’ve worked with.

Are there any common myths/misconceptions about being a confidence coach that you can debunk? 

Some people are so afraid of being criticised or judged in front of a crowd, and that can lead to some serious fear and vulnerability in front of others. The truth is that the audience isn’t feeling that way. They just want to hear your message.

When you have taken the time to develop your speaking skills and defined the clear message that will benefit your audience, something magical happens. A good suggestion to combat the fear is to be present in the moment that you are delivering your message to them. Give the best presentation that you can by focusing on how you can help your audience.

Is there anything interesting that surprised you after starting in your career that you want to share?

I am surprised by how many people out there feel invisible and unheard and want more than anything to gain the necessary confidence to captivate an audience.

How are you working with professionals and business owners to help them gain confidence when it comes to speaking in front of an audience?

I help professionals and business owners to overcome their fears. That way, they are more comfortable being in front of an audience. I teach them to let their true authenticity shine, both onstage as well as in front of the camera, and to become the best versions of themselves.

You also launched a podcast, how has that accelerated your overall brand visibility?

My podcast, Be Seen Be Loved, has been an amazing addition to my business! I interview people who experienced great struggles in their life, overcame those challenges and achieved a high level of success in the end.

Sarah Earheart is an abuse survivor who became a family violence advocate and teacher. Michelle Kuei dealt with years of depression, and her physical and mental disabilities did not stop her from climbing Machu Picchu. Those are just a couple of examples of the guests on my podcast. My listeners can relate to my guests and are inspired by them, so that has drawn them to look at my website and Linkedin page and to follow me on social media.

What are your current marketing methods used to communicate to both your existing audience and new?

Currently, I do weekly Facebook Lives, where I offer tips and tricks for communicating and connecting with one’s audience. On Facebook, I just started a private group called The Confident Speakers Community. It’s a place for people to practice their skills in a supportive and encouraging environment, which I encourage my followers to do. I also post inspirational quotes on Instagram a few times during the week. And of course, there’s my podcast.

What do you think about mentorships and the importance of having a mentor as a female entrepreneur?

I think that having a mentor is imperative to your growth. Most people think that they can learn how to become a speaker on their own, but they don’t understand that it takes certain skill sets to master that goal. Becoming an effective communicator, one that can captivate an audience, requires a mentor to help guide them through those processes.

How are you re-defining your personal success on your own terms?

My mission is to guide millions of people to break out of their shell and get their messages out to the world. There are billions of people online and I want to help them overcome their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, just as I did. Someone out there always needs to hear something to keep them moving forward. My gift is to give back by helping people understand that they have the power to be anything they want to be. I am excited any time I get the opportunity to use my skills to help others.

Biggest lesson learned so far professionally?

My motto is to never give up and never quit. It doesn’t matter if it’s fear or a self-limiting belief that’s holding me back, I’ve learned to continue moving forward no matter what. Don’t stop until you’ve perfected the skill that you need to in order to help others along the way. Becoming a servant to others is the best way for me to continue improving my craft.

Lastly, what can expect to see from you in 2021?

Next year, I will be launching a book that’s currently in the works. I am also creating a digital course that will help business professionals that struggle to get clients due to the pandemic. I want to help them use online videos as a tool to grow their audience.



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