Christine Alexandria is a highly sought after angel intuitive, award-winning inspirational author and founder of Angel Chatter™. She is committed to her mission of inspiring and empowering women across the globe and assists them in dropping the Good Girl Title that they have carried for decades. As an empath, Christine has always known what others are going through and through her compassion and angelic connection, she has been able to lovingly share the angel’s joy for all with such humour that most don’t realise they are learning and healing. 

Her private sessions, courses, and books combine the wisdom to help another walk their truth. Christine firmly believes that all deserve to live life on their terms; not anybody else’s agenda. It’s through a greater love towards self that enables each step to become more profound and empowering.

Christine is a prolific author from blogs to books. Her most recent book, Angel Chatter…Heavenly Guidance and Earthly Practices is the base of The Angel Chatter Authorisation Course; an online course that not only strengthens your connection to the angelic realm empowering you to do readings but has become such an empowering growth tool for all the students. Each has the opportunity to become awakened to their own divinity and their mission.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

Allow me to tell you my story. I love stories and I hope this sharing of my life will encourage and empower you to be.

Be? Yes, be yourself. I grew up in a fairly idyllic childhood on the Eastern Shore in Delaware. My parents still married at 58 years and counting loved the three of us and encouraged us to be strong and unique. I studied ballet from a master for over eleven years, was the captain of the flag squad in colour guard, etc. Did all things expected as the eldest and designated good girl. 

Flash forward many years; I married, still am married (yes to the same guy) and we have two amazing young women as one of the examples of our love. I was the Domestic Goddess, the Master Juggler (you know, cooking, cleaning schedules, cleaning up litter boxes, driving said children to various after-school activities, doing a variety of things to keep it ‘special’ and create memories.) Things similar to you, attempting to BE the ultimate people pleaser and a good girl and be satisfied with it all.

It was about the time our daughters were starting to pull away from the proverbial apron strings that I began to feel empty.

Empty inside. Not knowing where to turn for fulfilment. Thankfully around that time, the angelic realm announced themselves to me. Or rather reminded me of our connection to each other. It was through their love and insistence that I grew. I grew back into Being me. Honestly, it is still a work in progress, as it is for all of us.

I dug deep. I cried. I listened. I had friends dump me (was growing away from them anyway), I felt lonely, still wanting to be the good girl and people pleaser, but knowing it wasn’t serving me. You know all that stuff that can contribute to the Whiny Parade. I did whine, drank wine and whined some more. Obviously, that did not fulfil the yearnings.

Classes were taken with my husband asking constantly “what was I to do with this knowledge.” My answer was that I didn’t know. These are affectionately called ‘The Dunno Years,’ for I really didn’t know where I was going and what I was to do.

After much marinading and morphing and even birthing, it comes down to a succinct passion: I love helping women remember:

  • Remember who they are
  • Remember their joy
  • Remember their sexiness
  • Remember their passion
  • Remember their power.

I do this through listening, helping you dig deep (shovels gladly provided if necessary), offer support, tools and more. Yes, the angels are still part of the package, as well as my empathic side and all my various training that can help cut through the, ahem, nonsense, quicker all geared to help you be. Remember, ‘good girls’ can be powerful too. Be you.

What is a day in the life of you like?

As a goddess-preneur, my days vary. But what is consistent is my daily meditation practice and magical walks in the woods with our dog, Gabi (weather permitting of course).

I have clients on specific days of the week to allow me downtime as well as specific times to work on new projects such as books, oracle cards, etc. I’ve learned I do better with a loosely defined schedule; it helps keep me focused!

I know me well enough to understand that the downtime is imperative for me, these Acts of Self Love. The Acts can include detox salt baths, massage, walks, yoga, gardening, and sewing just to name a few. These moments help me to process lingering questions I may have regarding my next steps whether it is clientele, projects, and of course my personal life.

What was the concept behind launching Angel Chatter?

In a nutshell, Angel Chatter was launched from my desire to help another succeed. I now understand that I am empathic and this is not a curse! An empath, for those that are not aware, is one who literally feels another’s energy; when they are down, etc. I experience nervous energy before natural disasters, full moon, new moons, etc.

This empathic gift actually supports my mission, to inspire and empower women across the globe. It helps for I can better understand where they are coming from, even if they cannot verbalise it. Women who wish to make their mark no matter how big or small it may seem, for women to stand more comfortably in their power and take off the masks that society has had them wear; these are my peeps.

What makes me different from other coaches? I chat with angels. Yes, those beings given wings and haloes. I have been doing this my entire life, but only in recent years has it come to light as a gift that allows me to inspire others. When you combine my gifts; empathy, intuitiveness, the assorted training, self-study, etc. you get someone who listens and is ready to jump in the deep end with you.

How is Angel Chatter funded, is it bootstrapped, self-funded ect?

Instead of ‘bootstrapping’ Angel Chatter, I prefer to call it ‘wingstrapping.’ But yes, it is all internally funded.

Can you tell us more about your brand DNA and ethos at Angel Chatter?

Angel Chatter’s Brand DNA is pure and simple. Powerful products combined with services that can and do help its user, wearer, reader, and clients to dig deeper and step forward more confidently. It is why I do not resell any other company’s products. Each and every product that has an Angel Chatter connection is my brand exclusively. The brand of Angel Chatter and myself are all based on inspiration and empowerment. Waking up the soul to remember and re-connect with whom they are.

How are you helping women to remember who they are?

I assist women, good girls, in helping them to remember who they are first and foremost through the energy of love. While it may sound all new age slick talk, it is imperative that women, and men, love themselves first.

Selfish? Yes, but imperative. Selfish not to the extent of everyone else can get in line, but to honor one’s needs, dreams, etc. For when one is fulfilled physically, emotionally and spiritually, one can go after their dreams with greater confidence and allow themselves to receive the very thing they desire.

Desire? Career, Love, Health, Prosperity, Support, etc.

Can you give us 3 useful tips to help us remember our power?

  1. Look back. Yes back. See how far you have come. What women as a collective unit have overcome. We are resilient. We are powerful. We are a force to be reckoned with. When you dismantle the collective unit, the power, the energy, the love seeps into one being, never under-estimate your innate power.
  2. Say “yes” and mean it. Say yes to yourself. Say yes to your dreams. Never take no for a definitive answer again. It is only temporary this no. Remember who you are and why you are here; side-step that no and own what is really meant to happen.
  3. Say “no” and mean it. Do not keep saying yes and be the good girl. Remember, good girls, are also rebellious, successful, loving, joyful and even system busters. Say no and be comfortable with it!

Who does the team involve behind you Angel Chatter?

Obviously the angels. Without them, Angel Chatter would not exist. My husband. What a Rock of Support that man is. For all of his prove it to me ways, he has recognised the value and gift that is offered to others through me and is the force behind the push to a bigger platform.

I’ve worked with coaches who help me get out of my way and put the puzzle pieces more firmly together. I’ve worked with PR folks who are slowly and methodically promoting me. Virtual Assistants who spot check, read for clarity, and also do what they do best.  A fabulous illustrator who totally gets me and my energy and can take my vision and put it to paper (mandalas, oracle cards, etc.)

Where can you see yourself within the next 3-5 years?

In three to five years, my platform will have grown more than I can possibly imagine. Why now? Because I am more ready than ever to share my mission with greater clarity, to help Good Girls  be with easy and yet powerful tools.

Certainly paid public speaking gigs. I love to chat and can feed off an audience while engaging them. More books! Part of my chatter is utilised via the vehicle of writing; books are a natural extension of that. We are beginning to host Themed Destination Workshop/Retreats. At present they are divided into two categories; students only and the public at large. These will continue.

What strategies do you have in place when looking at the expansion of Angel Chatter?

I am highly creative and can easily get caught up in the creation process. This is a dangerous slippery slide as not all projects have merit in connection with my mission. Therefore, I’ve gotten better at the process of elimination.

Before I jump in with both feet, I will meditate on the project idea at hand.

  • Does it have value?
  • If it does have value, who will enjoy it? In other words, who is the customer and are they my people?
  • What is the cost of the project – making it affordable, etc.
  • What is the turn around for this project?
  • How does its energy feel once complete? Did I miss the mark? Does it require further development, etc.

Can you tell us what areas you have struggled in professionally?

Who hasn’t danced with the partner known as self-doubt?! If you know of anyone who hasn’t, please introduce them to me! Seriously that was my biggest hurdle. What did I offer that was new or unique? Like many, I attempted to emulate those I respected and got nowhere simply because I wasn’t being true to me.

It wasn’t until I gave permission to my authentic self to come and play that things began to kick into a higher platform gear. Be yourself. Easier said than done, but that is what I do via client work and products.

Have you ever had any other mentor? If so how has this benefitted you to grow?

I had a few low-keyed mentors who I have since walked away from completely. Why? I realised that as I got more comfortable, they would attempt to sabotage me; you see they loved being in control and being useful. When they thought I would no longer need them, I then became a threat.

What a lesson that was for me! It’s why when you study under me, you are stuck with me for as long as you desire. I am here to help you succeed with your dreams, not mine; yours.

My favorite mentor to date, hand down, is Michelle McGlade. In two days time we zeroed in on my business and put so many pieces together and it felt and still feels amazing.

What outlets do use to market your Angel Chatter?

We use social media to share all things Angel Chatter. Specifically Instagram and Facebook. On Facebook I have multi-vehicles; a closed group for we keep it sacred and the business page. Both grow organically. Yes, I invited folks to join, but to date, we have not advertised their existence. Perhaps in time, but for now, the organic process is best, for folks are then engaged in the existence of Angel Chatter.  I’ve also written articles for regional magazines and certainly adore being on radio and podcasts.

Which methods are you using to build your own support network?

I use a variety of methods to build my support network.

  • A few very trusted clients have turned friends and one is my budding virtual assistant
  • While I do trust others, I hold much close to my vest so to speak. Why? What I do is unique and not everyone understands what I do and how I do it; therefore, how can they possibly support me?
  • I use my Facebook group to not only share possible new projects, but to test market how much can I share? So many forget that a leader is also a person and can have real life things happening as well. I share willingly about my adventures; trips, expos, etc, but my private life is just that; private. Only a few select, as an example, know our children’s names. My husband is more well known since he attends all shows with me.
  • Blessed with friends; real friends – not ones that have me hang around for what I can do for them, but ones that know me, respect me are there at a moment’s notice.

What do you believe are the common misconceptions about aromatherapy and how are you using your platform and voice to educate people more?

Aromatherapy is a funny animal. There are so many companies that create scented products which are chemical based. We only use pure essential oils in the candles, misters, and droppers. Why only pure? If my mission is to empower you, I will not knowingly offer an inferior product; one that is chemically based.

People tend to look at pricing first and foremost. I understand the money aspect, but personally, I would rather pay a bit more for the real deal vs. paying less and having to use more of it for maybe similar results.

Society today is bombarded with chemicals, etc. Since a child, I cannot tolerate the cleaning aisle in grocery stores. I’ve been known to run down them with my nose and mouth covered. There once again, my empathic gifts shine, that is one of the reasons we only use pure essential oils. If I can’t use a product, how can I expect others?

Essential Oils hold energy that is pure. They can and do assist in healing practices; bringing back memories, opening a wound so it may heal and more. It’s the combination of the oils within my line that contains specific energies, especially when combined with the sigils. (A sigil is an empowering symbol that has been proven to strengthen your connection with that energy.)

What would you like to see changed for millennials in business?

Great question! As a mother of millennials, I’ve learned from them. They are fearless when it comes to branding and thinking out of the box. I know this for one of our daughters does this with her personal company as well as her 9-5 job. So what would I like to see changed? Perhaps an integration of the old and new school. Both have great value.

What is the best piece of business advice you have received to date?

To be true to myself and I am not sure what source that came from. Most likely from the angels as I struggled with this very thing for the longest time and one that is certainly the base for my work.

Certainly, know your competition, but not to the extent you step into fear about not being good enough and ultimately mimic their style. Remember, you have all you need at this moment in time; you are more than good enough.

What is the number 1 critical lesson you have learned in your career so far?

Listen. Listen with not only your ears but your heart. Many who have offered to help did so so they may succeed. They don’t necessarily care or understand what we do. Listen. Ask questions and listen to the answers; watch the body language, lip service, etc. Do they really get you? How are they going to help you?

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

This is a tough one. This thing called balance is a daily question and goal. In fact, My students and clients have been known to tell me to turn it off and go relax!

I do meditate daily. I exercise almost daily via walking in woods, yoga, gardening and simple floor exercises at home such as pilates. I also turn off the phone at a certain hour; lately, it has been staying in our bedroom so I am not mindlessly tempted to check in. Ditto with the laptop.

We purchase tickets to events! Yes this may sound silly but it is a bit of a mind trick; there are times we have to force ourselves to step away and be. In a society that prides itself in what did you do today? This act of self-love known as balance is one not often accepted, but one that must be acted upon daily.

The highlight of your career so far?

Honestly, the highlight of my career is knowing that people get me. Through publishing houses wanting to print my books to clients coming back time and time again. To witness the growth, the stamina and power of all things Angel Chatter and therefore me.

Ego trip? Not at all, but who doesn’t desire to be recognised? I’m no different. The platform is expanding daily and who knows where I’ll be sharing the Chatter next? This is so important to me because, at the core, there is more inspiration and empowering messages being shared and shared freely for those that are listening.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

To see another person succeed is the biggest rush of all time. To see another get their divinity, their mission and completely embrace it. This is what keeps me going.

What challenges have you seen to have been presented during the growth of Angel Chatter?

Listening to naysayers; you can’t make a living at this. blah bah blah. Listening to those that wanted to ‘help’ only to fill their pockets. This last act of listening to a trusted higher up created a product line that was indeed vast, and through that vastness diluted the brand. Therefore, we did a tremendous amount of purging in 2018 of products across the board. The products that remain are the ones that I am giddy about and of course so are clients and students alike.

As the eldest in my family, I am a people pleaser by nature. I have learned through trial and error that guess what? Not everybody likes me! This was a difficult ownership, but once done, so incredibly liberating! Not everyone gets my quirkiness, knowledge, integrity (they wait for some mysterious shoe to drop, etc.) I’ve stopped fretting about it. This has supported me in ways I would not have understood if one had just told me to not worry about it. Clientele confirms it though! We’ve two shows back to back starting this weekend and the pre-bookings are off the charts! Almost completely booked for one and half way booked for another – this is without stepping foot into the space; all because I am being authentic and therefore attract folks who embrace me for me.

So now I listen to me and my inner circle council.

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

Too many to list. However, the ones I admire are all women run organisations whether they are designers, public figures, and/or goddesspreneurs. What they all have in common is their zest for what they do. They take no prisoners, do not apologise for whom they are. They have a deep understanding of who they are, their brand and what they are here to do.

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

So many books, so little time! However, two authors immediately come to mind; Kathleen McGowan who wrote a powerful trilogy starting with ‘The Expected One.’ I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting Kathleen and traveling with her to France in 2018 and consider myself blessed to have done so.

The other author is new to me; Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD. She is another prolific author who melds her psychological background with goddess energy to help women to understand that they are the maid, the mother and crone at any given moment.

How do you measure your own terms of success?

I look at this success question in a variety of ways: Firstly, since so many will go there, is the monetary aspect. To see one being rewarded monetarily is nothing to sneeze at. It’s a funny topic, money. We all want it, or more of it, but so few chat about it. Don’t be afraid to be prosperous!

On the flip side of money is the self fulfilment arena. I LOVE what I do; empowering and inspiring women to BE. When I see them have their personal AHA moments, step forward fearlessly, to say YES to themselves shed their Good Girl Mantle, that is far better in my book than a million dollars.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

BEYOUROWN is defined by me as:

  • BE Your Own Authentic Self.
  • BE Your Own Kind of Goddess.
  • BE Your Own Kind of Warrior.
  • BE Your Own Kind of Love.

Be you.

Lastly, what is next for you?

There is much excitement in store for us in the coming year! We increased our Private Coaching Weekends in our home. Magical and empowering weekends that are limited to a maximum of four people.

New projects will be launching; Your Yearly Forecast by the Angels, another oracle deck courtesy of Mary Magdalene, a new book – Daily Messages, and we are in the midst of planning the first Destination Retreat; this one will be opened to students only. By 2019 we will then start more in earnest for larger groups and taking them to magical places that we love.



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