Meet LaKisha—better known as Coach L to her clients and followers—a social influencer, innovator, marketing strategist, Amazon best-selling author, expert presenter, and new-age techie with flare and a killer eye for style. Coach L believes that life is most enjoyable when it’s lived on our own terms and given everything we’ve got. With this in mind Coach L started LuckiFit to empower individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to find what fits them, and then use that knowledge to help them become lucky in life and business. We catch up with Coach L, in-between her visiting family to find out how she is actively servicing her community and spreading the #GLAM trend.

Hey Coach L, how are you and how has your day been?

I’m outstanding! Thanks for asking. My day has been filled inspiration and hard work.

Can you talk us through your early days as a personal brand strategist?

I still work as a brand strategist with celebrity clientele and leaders transitioning to entrepreneurship. Early on, I focused a lot more on the external image of my clients to ensure they presented the right package for their platforms. Although the pillars of confidence, energy, and style remain the same, the focus has evolved to a client approach that is holistic. I work with clients to enhance their confidence through business strategy, developing and leveraging leadership skills, and business investment. Energy is enhanced through a collaboration of high like-minded high-level leaders and networking through our private five-star retreats and motivational messages, and the style has evolved with consultations on social media management, branding messages, and consultations for physical presentations.

The Glam Tech USA platform officially launched in 2016, can you talk us through the journey?

Wow! It was all a dream. I had no idea that the interest in this platform would expand globally. I started out with wanting to test a concept of bridging the worlds of fashion and tech to create new devices and apparel. I have a business background and only took one coding class after I launched the platform. Living in Baltimore, I saw tremendous young talent in these industries and I wanted to 1) find a way to bring the talent to the forefront using my marketing background, 2) find a way to rebrand Baltimore City, 3) provide a platform to grow future innovators, and 4) do something really cool with things that I love, which so happens to be style. As a result of my efforts, our first keynote speaker was Ty Hunter, famously known as Beyoncé’s Fashion Director.

What were the first steps you took to launch Wearable Tech?

Some of the first steps included allowing myself to daydream and visualize what I wanted the world to look like.  I often quote an old verse from Kanye West ” I closed my eyes and imagined” because that’s exactly what I did. I wanted something different and I was recovering from a series of surgeries related to fibroids and endometriosis. I didn’t want my life to be cookie cutter and I wanted to impact the world in a different way. I emphasize the importance of dreaming and brainstorming because it’s a place where there are no limits. It’s important to provide a safe space to do this with frequency so that you can overcome the barriers presented while trying to achieve a dream. Secondly. I did some research online and through social media to see if there were mainstream messages or platforms geared towards what I wanted to promote. I didn’t see many and decided to launch on the opportunity. As a result, I conducted informational interviews with local key players in the fashion, tech, and makers’ industries to understand what they have done and how it could contribute to wearable tech. This led me to a partnership with professors at MICA who educated me and served as a support system. Based on my enthusiasm, passion, and willingness to do whatever was necessary to bring it life, these folks partnered with me to launch the inaugural expo where our purpose was to define what wearable tech means.

What are you currently learning about in business?

Currently, I am focusing energy on the venture capital and VC process. We are developing solutions for many industries as well as personal and business brands through our platform. After a dream, there is action and need for funding to get solid ideas off the ground. Those who work with our platform will be able to learn, create, and launch successfully through the investors and backers with whom we have built relationships.

Is the industry as you expected?

Not at all! I mean that in a good way. The experienced designers are so down to earth and friendly. It’s a really neat environment to be amongst creators who want to collaborate and do something fun and meaningful at the same time. I do have to vary my communication style to ensure my message is heard however due to the numerous groups I communicate with often (designers, techies, and business-minded folks).

Anything unexpected?

Yes. How hard it has been to educate the general public about wearable tech and how it is much more than fitness tracker devices. Also, the lack of funding support in the initial phases. I financed everything myself and it’s been hard.

Any great stories to share with us?

Yes. I remember I was attending a brunch in NYC for some friends that had just returned to the states. Now, I love fashion and style. So, I look out of the window and see Ty Hunter with a group of friends entering our brunch venue. I immediately get nervous, hyperventilating, and telling those next to me, “Oh my Gosh! That Ty Hunter!!!” Some weren’t familiar with him by name (those not into fashion). I was like “I have to go speak to him and ask him if he’d work with me”. Now imagine some stranger coming and asking you to work with them. Most would run. I got up the nerve and introduced myself after apologizing for intruding on his personal time. I asked for a minute of his time to explain who I was and how I’d love to bring him to Baltimore to speak. He was so kind and gracious. We took a photo and I continuously followed up within until I got a confirmed yes with a date he was available. I built the inaugural expo around his availability. It worked because he had launched the Ty Lite which is wearable tech device.

#WearableWednesday is a weekly social media promotion by GlamTechUSA, can you talk us through the importance of a strong social media strategy?

A strategy that includes hashtags are so relevant. We are inundated with so much information and sometimes you just want to find something. It’s easy to get to it using a hashtag. Especially with social media algorithms changing constantly. #WearableWednesday is our way of featuring something cool in wearables and to get people to check in with us.

It’s still developing and I’m so glad we did it. Plus, it helps people get over the hump in the middle of the week with something inspirational that can change the world.

What branding books can you recommend to us that are helpful for start-ups?

1) My book- yes self-promotion- that speaks to confidence in your personal brand- 40 Days to Unshakable Self Confidence is available on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

2) Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk

3) 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell

Any influential tech entrepreneurs that offer great advice?

Not yet, but I am definitely open to it. Bring it on! And I welcome any advice and investment interest from Chamillionaire, Nas, Will.I.Am.

What advice can you offer to young female tech entrepreneurs wanting to break the mould?

Ladies, get out there and network and learn more about your industry. Then gain the confidence to try something. Everything may not work the first time or the second, but I’m here to encourage you along the way! You can do it and be fabulous in the process.

You are touring a variety of states with your events from Baltimore to Minneapolis to LA, what can we expect to see from you at these events?

You will see something BIG in Minneapolis 2018. We have confirmed support of the plans I presented and it’s the Glam Tech 2.0.  I’m so excited! All I can say right now is that it’s something you’ve never experienced before and wearable tech will no longer be questioned as “what’s that?”

What 3 tech start-up companies do you predict will be big in 2018?

I expect companies that integrate AI to boom as well as the assistant type devices to grow, and of course, WEARABLES!

What do you have planned for 2018?

Pure magic! I’ve been working very hard on the new Glam Tech conference which includes our new Glam Tech Kids curriculum. I’ve also been planning the five-star Glam Retreat for influential leaders, founders, and investors in tech. Most importantly, the coaching platform has been enhanced for influential leaders and founders with a group and one-on-one options. It’s going to be amazing!



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