Founder of TAG, Cordelia Noe has been engaged in the art scene since 2006 training her astute eye for art, style and creativity.  For nearly 10 years she has been working with artists, art collectors, art fairs, corporate art programmes and art media on exhibitions, publications, branding and marketing cases. Read her interview with #BEYOUROWN here.

Hey Cordelia lets start with asking what prompted you to start TAG?

Its all about access by making the art world easier accessible and digestible for a non-art audience.

Can you talk us through a day in the life of TAG?

The usual twist between a lot of admin and publishing deadlines combined with exciting projects such as last weeks premier in Hong Kong on our Art x Lux conference (www.artxlux.com)

2017 what is on the cards and how are you looking at expanding?

We will expand the conferences to other exciting global destinations such as Bangkok and we will start the TAG chat channel (Chinese super important social media app)

Which audience’s are you currently tapping in to as you are based in Hong Kong?

A global audience.

Do you ever get stuck for ideas to blog about? How do you keep the momentum going?

There is so much happening so the momentum is there, of course it is even better to be the original source of great news and not to only recycle existing ones.

You focus on Art and Fashion and how it comes together, but which is your personal favourite topic?

All kind of creative collaborations and the brainwork on how to make this musings successful.

StyleTalks features a lot of fabulous motivated and talented individuals on on TAG, who has been the most intriguing creative to talk to so far?

Whomever we are featuring excited me personally and I love to ready through the final interview once we received all answers. There are so many inspiring thoughts, names to look up and fresh thoughts. Its great to love your job.

Can you share your top 5 tips for establishing a career as a Blogger?

1. Don’t follow, always create

2. Know your DNA

3. Love your content

4. Go for a niche and become its expert

5. Stay unique


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